Package of 12 programs to install for all PCs

Not only on every new PC, but precisely on all PCs with Windows system there are some indispensable programs that must be installed immediately, which are free and which perform the fundamental functions of a computer in the best way.
In this article, in addition to listing what these programs are, I provide a unique and self-installing package that allows you to install most of them or update them if they are already present on the PC.
This is only a list limited to the most important programs, but if you want alternatives you can check the general list of all the best programs for Windows PC .
The package of PC programs to which I refer was made through the reliable and secure Ninite download platform which creates a single installer to install selected programs all at once.
On this package I can guarantee that there are absolutely no sponsors inside, malicious software or advertisements, but if you prefer to install one at a time, you can follow the links below.
Included in the Navigaweb package are 12 programs : Chrome, Firefox, 7zip, CDburnerXP, Evernote, AIMP, Irfanview, Libreoffice, Malwarebytes, qbittorrent, Sumatrapdf, Teamviewer, VLC.
If you want to customize the choice of programs, from the Ninite page that opens you can click on the top right where change apps is written to make a different selection.
1) Chrome and Firefox are the two browsers that must always be installed on a PC.
It does not matter which of the two you prefer to choose for daily use, because both are excellent and valid for surfing the internet.
The same is better to have both, so as to be able to take advantage of the different features and to solve any navigation problems in case one of the two presents errors.
2) 7Zip is the program chosen to open ZIP and RAR archives, to create compressed folders and even if there are many alternatives, it is difficult to find a better one.
3) CDBurnerXP is the best program to burn CDs and DVDs, for free, simple to use, reliable and safe.
4) Evernote is the app chosen as a notepad, that is, as a notebook.
The advantage of Evernote is that the written notes are also saved in a personal cloud space and that the program synchronizes with the Evernote apps for smartphones and tablets.
5) AIMP is the one chosen among the best programs to listen to music on PC that I include in my self-installing package.
AIMP is the most similar program to the late Winamp, it is light and supports plugins and extensions to increase its functions.
6) Irfanview is the best of the programs to view photos and images on the PC and this is not discussed and I don't really accept any contrary opinion.
If you choose to install Irfanview through Ninite, remember to download and install the plugins from the official website afterwards.
7) LibreOffice is the suite of alternative programs to Microsoft Office, free and open source, perfect for every need, even for work.
8) Malwarebytes is the most effective malware scanning program that you can use for free.
In this package I have not included any antivirus because I believe that on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 PC the integrated Windows Defender is sufficient.
In case, however, you are using Windows 7, then you must also download a free antivirus like Microsoft Security Essentials.
9) qbittorrent is an open source client to download Torrent files in P2P, which is always better to keep ready, certainly better than uTorrent.
10) SumatraPDF, the lightest and best alternative to Adobe Acrobat to open PDF
11) Teamviewer, the program to connect to the PC in remote desktop from another computer or smartphone.
12) VLC, the best program to watch videos on all PCs, which does not require additional codecs and supports all formats.
In addition to these 12, I must remember at least 5 other programs that I believe are important and to be installed always.
- Ccleaner to clean Windows from obsolete files.
- Google Photos Backup to save photos in Google's unlimited space
- FLux, to protect the eyes from the blue lights of the monitor.
- Spotify to listen to streaming music from your PC
- Notepadd ++ to have a more powerful notebook, ideal especially for writing code.
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