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On most computers the homepage, that is, the first page that opens when you start the internet, is represented by the white page of Google.
But if you have kept that home page on your browser for years, you may be neglecting several new releases recently that allow you to make your home page opening personalized, much more useful and productive, as a control panel of applications and websites more used .
The ideas can be many and varied so probably I will not be able to complete the range of possibilities in this article however, if you follow me, I think you will find several interesting ideas that will change the way you surf the internet.
A quality homepage must be neat, quick to load and with some basic, customizable features that are missing from the Google white page.
Depending on the browser used, if you do not use the old Internet Explorer, there are several possibilities.
1) If you browse the web with Opera Browser, you can use its famous and functional Speed ​​Dial .
The idea is simple: every time a new tab is opened, instead of appearing empty, a visual bookmark is displayed with the collection of the most used sites.
It is also possible to set the sites you prefer in the speed dial, even if they are not used frequently and you can synchronize that page on multiple computers with an Opera account, so you have an always identical home page, whatever PC you use.
2) The Google Chrome browser copied Opera's speed dial with the same principle.
The Chrome page that appears when you open a new tab, differs from Opera's in several ways: it dynamically fills with the most navigated pages and, at the bottom, shows the last visited sites.
If you are not satisfied, on Chrome, you can choose a different home page by installing one of the extensions to improve the Chrome home tab .
3) Firefox, in its latest versions, allows you to customize the new tab with your favorite sites that appear at the top, above the news of the day.
In general, some websites that you can set as your browser homepage to start surfing the internet are:
1) 3 × 3 links is like the Speed ​​Dial of Opera, Chrome and Firefox, but for any browser.
This ideal customizable home page allows you to set up nine links to favorite websites, in a grid, which can be started with a click or via the numeric keyboard.
The bookmark can then contain as many sites as you want, is stored online and is accessible from anywhere to start browsing.
To save your favorite sites and use your personal home page, you can use a Google account.
2) Another alternative for an essential and fast home page is the site (ex
This site does nothing but show four icons plus others to add.
These icons are direct links to popular online services such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Flickr, Ebay, Blogger, MySpace, MSN, Ebay and many others.
The nice thing is that there is no need to register for personalization or log in to the service because the choices are stored in the cookies of the temporary files and are loaded from there.
This is perhaps the cleanest, fastest and most efficient web page that exists.
In the MyFav launch panel, you can set up any site from the configuration panel, adding new Favs, including
Unfortunately, for the favorite sites not included in the list, you cannot customize the icon.
3) Google Bookmarks or any list of favorites could be a good place to start surfing the internet.
Those who want a simple collection of links should try the Google Bookmarks service, not beautiful but simple and immediate, with all the favorite sites lined up row by row.
4) is another list of favorite sites, the same as Google Bookmarks, but much nicer to look at . gives the possibility to create a clean and condensed list of links, in the visual style you prefer.
This page loads very quickly and is perfect as a starting point.
To use you need to register for free with an Email address but it shouldn't be a problem.
8) Symbaloo is a kind of speed Dial that allows you to fill the page with many links divided by categories.
Each link is a button and if you add sites like Repubblica or Navigaweb, clicking on it, the real sites would not open but the latest published news would be browsed.
You need an account to use the service and start filling this excellent homepage.
9) Kadaza is a start page that collects links to the most important Italian sites, those that offer unique services, all divided into categories.
The Kadaza home page can be customized with your favorite sites.
11) Papaly is a site where the page can be created with icons of favorite sites.
An account registration is required to create a real personalized start page with a unique URL.
Papaly is one of the most advanced and complete services that can be found.
12) is a very simple and effective website, where the sites are organized into categories.
To save your personalized page, you need to create your own account.
The created page can also be public and shared with other people.
13) NetVibes or My Yahoo is a personalized home page with the contents of interest, all put together as if it were a Virgil or a Yahoo (just like iGoogle).
Why let others put the news when I can choose which and from which sites to display them "> about: blank".
In another article, however, how to create a single link with a group of sites or web pages .

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