Pre-upload videos in full to YouTube before watching it

YouTube is the best internet video portal there is and it is also the one that best suits the different needs of people who can use different computers with different speed internet connections.
The good thing with Youtube, then, is that there are many extensions to customize it on your browser, choosing many things such as the size of the video, the quality, the elements of the page to be displayed or to eliminate advertisements.
A new extension called Youtube Center, in addition to numerous other options, also gives the possibility to activate the entire preloading of the videos, thus deactivating the Youtube buffering system which works well if you surf with a fast connection, less effective instead for those surf slower .
This way Youtube has to upload videos is particularly evident when you pause the video, and notice that buffering also stops (in the past, however, it continued).
Video uploading only resumes if you press Play again.
Also, because of this feature called " Dash Playback ", it is that when you jump from one piece of the video to another, Youtube reloads that part and you have to wait a moment to see it play.
This is a problem on slow connections, where that waiting moment can get several seconds long.
You can install Youtube Center to disable the Dash Playback which, personally, I believe is not at all advantageous, and to use its countless options.
YouTube Center can be installed both as a script (with Greasemonkey for Firefox) and as an extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera among other browsers.
The extension for Chrome, since it is not found in the Chrome WebStore, must be installed in this way: download it, open the extensions page ( Menu -> Tools -> Extensions ) and then drag Youtube Center using the mouse to the center of the extensions page to install it without receiving a lock.
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Once the Youtube Center add-on is installed, you will notice a new gear icon in the upper right corner, next to the button to log in with the account.
Then enter the options and then, on the Player tab, remove the check from the Dash Playback option.
The change is immediate and all the videos open on Youtube that will be seen from that moment will be preloaded in full by pressing the Play button, without interrupting the buffering if you press Pause .
After the video is fully loaded, you can jump from one point to another without waiting .
Youtube Center, as you can see, also has another hundred options including, for example, the removal of advertising, the Download button and automatic repetition.
For Firefox there is also the Youtube without buffer extension which, if activated, automatically deactivates the automatic buffering of Youtube.
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