Programs to correct Windows errors and solve PC problems

In the past, when the only Microsoft operating system was Windows XP, if some error came out on the system, even the silliest one, it was a serious problem and you didn't really know what to do.
Meanwhile, there were far fewer websites to ask for help, and then, above all, Microsoft had not provided any support except technical guides difficult to understand for almost everyone and not very resolutive.
A normal person, who is not a computer technician, has very little interest in knowing why the error occurred; instead, he would like an immediate and practical solution to the problem .
In the end, either the more experienced friend would solve it or it would format and start again.
Fortunately, today, not only does Microsoft provide all the tools to correct Windows errors and solve PC problems in a semi-automatic way, but there are also several other automatic programs and tools that can bring Windows back to work correctly in all its aspects.
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First of all, it should be noted that in the latest versions of Windows, Microsoft has included automatic troubleshooting tools for common problems in Windows 10, 7 and 8.
The advice, therefore, is to try these tools first.
Do not forget that it is always possible to use the Windows System Restore tool, useful to correct sudden errors, returning to the previous system situation.
If you want to try an external and non-Microsoft program, which is as complete as possible, which includes all the tools to correct Windows errors, free of charge and that does not require installation, you can download FixWin for Windows 7 and FixWindows for Windows 10, very convenient and full of tools to correct PC errors.
The only difficulty with this program is the fact that it is not in Italian, but all in English.
On the program it is recommended to apply the Fixes one at a time, restart the PC after each correction made and create a new restore point before solving each problem.
One click solutions are cataloged in 5 sections:
- Problems of explorer resources where, for example, you can restore the trash can icon if it is gone, that of the cd / dvd or the options of the folders and their display.
- Internet is perhaps the most important section especially if you use Internet Explorer as a browser to browse the web.
Fixes include the one to repair the internet connection and reset TCP / IP.
- Windows 10 contains system-specific repairs
- System Tools restores the system tools if they no longer start: the command prompt, the registry editor, the task manager, the .msc windows, the device manager and so on.
- Troubleshooters, to correct common errors.
- Other Fixes mainly contains solutions to repair graphic problems including Aero effects and the correct display of icons; also useful to restore the guide and the Windows Update.
Windows Repair Toolbox is a program that gathers all the main tools to solve problems on a Windows PC in a single screen.
It allows you to start tools like checkdisk and msconfig and to download and use tools such as freefixer, HWMonitor, Autoruns, Aomei Backup, PatchmyPC, ADWcleaner, rKill and much more.
Another program to fix Windows errors is Windows Repair, a set of tools that, with a single click, allows you to solve the most common PC problems.
The program is perhaps the most complete ever, the best for Windows 10, which can really fix any type of problem including those concerning the premsex on files and registry keys, problems with the Start menu, with unknown files, with the hosts file, with printer, with internet connection, with UAC authorizations and much more.
FRST (Farbar Recovery Scan Tool) is a program that scans your computer to find and resolve any problems with registry keys and system files caused by malware.
If these still weren't enough, in another article there are 10 programs to fix computer errors quickly
The final solution, if there really seems to be a problem that cannot be solved and we have Windows 10, is to reset the PC in order to remove the programs as it was formatted, without deleting the personal files.

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