Programs to manage the iPhone from PC without iTunes

After seeing how to uninstall and remove iTunes, Apple's program to manage iPad, iPad and iPhone on PC, we now see some valid alternatives, given that this program could present itself as heavy on many computers.
Alternative programs to iTunes completely replace Apple's media player in managing files and the music or video library.
Obviously using these alternatives we will lose the ability to manage games and applications from the iTunes Store,
Despite this, these are programs that present a greater number of options, are simpler to use and, some, faster to perform actions that on iTunes become unnecessarily complicated.
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In order to make the best use of the programs shown below, we recommend installing iTunes in order to install the Apple drivers (essential) on the operating system.
iTunes can always be used when we want to buy and install applications or games while, for the management of the iPad and iPhone and the synchronization of multimedia files, we can use one of these alternative programs .
1) CopyTrans Manager

I have already talked about this program in the article on how to upload music and videos to iPhone from PC "and we can download it for free from here -> CopyTrans Manager .
Briefly, it is a free program that allows you to transfer mp3 files from your computer to iPad or iPhone with normal dragging, as you would do with a USB stick.
CopyTrans Manager is light, easy and immediate to install and use, both to add songs and to synchronize.
You can also listen to iPad music via the computer.
There is also a portable version, without installation so that you can listen to the music of an iPod from any computer, without having to obey iTunes restrictions.
2) Airmor
Airmor is an app for using iPhone and iPad from the computer and transferring photo and video files via website without having to use programs on the PC.
Just download the accompanying app on the iPhone, then open the web page of the service and copy the QR code that will be shown inside it.
In a few seconds we will have access to many features of our iPhone without cable and without using any type of program on PC.
3) Sharepod

SharePod is perhaps the best program to manage an iPad or iPhone on your computer because it is simple and light.
It allows you to transfer music and videos from iPad or iPhone to your PC and vice versa; the use of Sharepod is really simple because it is enough to copy the files from one part to the other as if they were two Windows folders.
With Sharepod you can also copy the iTunes library from one computer to another.
Sharepod also requires no installation and can also be run from a USB stick on any computer.
4) MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is another excellent free alternative to iTunes; it is a media player similar to Windows Media Player, which allows you to manage an iPad or an iPhone without having to install special plugins.
MediaMonkey, among the countless functions, allows you to:
- drag individual music tracks to the iPad or vice versa, to the computer;
- move the music by dragging with the mouse;
- set automatic synchronization;
- import the entire iTunes library;
- listen to computer music remotely, streaming, even from other computers.
Really inevitable if we want to manage the songs and songs on the iPhone or iPad, given that Apple devices will be seen as if they were normal USB sticks or like old MP3 players, where it was possible to copy, move and delete music in a simple way and intuitive.
5) SongBird

Mozilla's SongBird is not quite as light as a program but it is a complete media player that supports iPads, iPhones and any other Apple device with internal memory.
During the installation of SongBird we can immediately import the iTunes library and start immediately to manage Apple devices with automatic synchronization or with manual copy of MP3 files.
We consider it a good free and open source alternative to the other multimedia players that we have seen in this guide.
6) Other alternative programs to iTunes
In addition to the programs we have shown you, we can also try these two alternative programs to iTunes, less known but not less effective:
- Jet Audio is a free alternative to iTunes that should be considered by those who don't like the iTunes interface but want something similar.
JetAudio Basic is very similar to the Apple program when used as a media player and supports any mp3 player, including iPads.
- ApowerManager is a program really similar to iTunes, excellent for transferring files from PC and iPhone or vice versa.
In this software we can find options to manage music, photos, iBooks, apps, various files, file systems, information and advanced features.
Another impressive feature of this application is the live desktop view: you can see the desktop of an iPad or iPhone in real time on Windows . All actions performed on icons and applications can be recorded using this application.
In another article we have already talked about another alternative to iTunes to synchronize iPhone and iPad applications and files with the PC.
If instead we want to deepen the topic on multimedia players with library management, we cannot miss reading the article on how to transfer music, photos and videos from iPad to PC or from iPhone to computer.
You can backup personal data of an iPhone or iPad or even set up an automatic data backup on iCloud without iTunes.
The guide to backup iPhone and save data in another article, without forgetting that the backup of photos is free with Google Photos.

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