Programs to keep the network and internet fast

It may happen that internet browsing, after some time, seems slower than before and that whatever browser you use, there are problems downloading or streaming videos.
The problems of internet slowdowns can depend on the computer used or the network provider.
To find out any problems with the internet provider, which may be Telecom, Fastweb or others, you must first make an ADSL test and find out the real speed of the internet so that you can demonstrate the origin of the slowdown and demand, with the assistance, a solution and an improvement of the situation.
If the test does not give indications, it probably depends on us, on our modem / router (maybe to change) or on our computer which, over time and with use, has been badly configured or filled with rubbish to be eliminated.
Without repeating things already said, we have seen, in another article that I recommend reading before this, all the reasons why the internet is slow and how to fix it .
In this article, however, the programs to be used to keep the internet fast and optimize browsing with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser are indicated .
1) Adwcleaner
First of all it would be good to remove any malicious, harmful or advertising plugins and extensions from the browser such as the toolbar. ADWCleaner is the best program to get rid of adware that interact with internet browsing and which, by loading useless elements, make it less fluid and more difficult by opening, in the most serious cases, web pages and advertising pop-ups. Even if you think you don't have this problem, a scan with ADWcleaner is worth doing, also because it is simple and free.
2) Anvi Browser Repair Tool
If a computer has been affected by a virus, some internal browser settings may have changed which, even by removing the malware, has not been restored. Anvi Browser Repair Tool restores all Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer settings and eliminates all traces of malware, including any malicious plugins or extensions. In another article the manual guide to reset the settings in Firefox, Chrome and IE
3) Ccleaner
To finish the work on the browser, it is worth clearing the cache and temporary files which, if they become too many, can create some slowdown when loading websites.
In another article the guide to clear the cache and delete cookies on Firefox, Chrome, IE .
4) TCP Optimizer
After cleaning up your browser, you can try some tricks to optimize your internet connection by changing some internal Windows settings. TCP Optimizer is not the friendliest program in the world, but it allows you to easily set a different value in the parameters of TCP / IP, the network protocol used for internet connection.
Before using this program it is worth looking for some step by step guide.
5) Throttle
Instead of TCP Optimizer you can use Throttle, simpler to use, all automatic and capable, at least in the intentions, to speed up downloads and speed up the internet significantly.
6) Internet Speed ​​Booster
This is another program for speeding up the internet, downloads, watching streaming videos and online games. He does everything himself automatically so you have to trust him and let him make all the necessary changes and then test if there is an actual improvement or not. I would not have included this program in the list if a restore button of the original Windows configuration had been missing, which allows you to cancel any optimization and return the computer as it was before.
7) Auslogics Internet Optimizer
This is an old program, now included in a suite of Auslogic paid tools.
Although no longer developed since 2011, it is still a very convenient automatic tool to optimize your internet connection with two clicks, without the need to follow guides or understand what you are doing. We talked about this program in the article on how to increase internet speed with Auslogic automatic accelerator.
8) DNS Jumper
DNS is one of the main parameters of internet connections and is provided by the telephone company or network provider.
Alternative DNS are also provided by other companies (such as Google) and are often faster in responding. DNS Jumper is an automatic program that automatically detects the fastest DNS servers at a given moment and sets them in the connection parameters.
9) Hola
Hola is a VPN program for surfing by hiding your identity, which also works as an accelerator for the web and streaming.
As you can see in the linked guide, Hola, definitely worth trying, works in a particular way, putting all users in a sharing network that exchanges data faster.
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