Try Vivaldi 2, the coolest browser of all to see the web

Defining "PC" as a PC program like the web browser might seem exaggerated and out of context, but as soon as I tried Vivaldi 2 it was the first adjective that came to my mind, because it brings the experience of seeing websites to a higher level than all other browsers.
A few years ago, in 2015, one of the creators and founders of the Opera browser began the development of a new web browser called Vivaldi, for Windows, Mac and Linux, based on Chrome, similar and better than Opera.
Today this browser has arrived at the Vivaldi 2 version showing itself completely different from the competition, with a user interface that is, by far, the most usable thanks to the side bars and the innovative card management.
The sidebars are, in fact, the real difference between Vivaldi and Chrome on which it is still based (and in fact you can install the extensions of the Chrome Web Store), which make it a better browser on a PC with a large screen.
The main menu on the left at the top of the Vivaldi V button and with the comfortable side panels to access the main functions (which can be hidden from the button at the bottom left), namely: Favorites, History, Tabs.
The other buttons are the download manager, a tool for writing notes and the one for adding sites inside fixed panels, which is a great convenience.
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While before it might have seemed just an experimental browser, beautiful, but lacking in many important features, Vivaldi 2 is now a complete browser that could really be used every day, enjoying its special features.
Navigating with Vivaldi 2 therefore becomes a pleasure, because it is so immediate to switch from one tab to another using the side column and find all the tabs even if they were 100, because you can immediately see your favorites and history without changing pages and without abandoning navigation (because they appear on the side column).
Everything, in the Vivaldi interface, can be customized in the Settings menu which allows you to choose how the tabs should appear and how to arrange the buttons, bars and all menus.
For example, you can choose where to place the tab bar, whether to hide the side panels and then the colors and the home page, which shows the previews of the favorite sites and the ability to immediately see the history and bookmarks.
It is also possible to make Vivaldi's theme light in the day and dark in the evening for a better reading.
The important improvements of Vivaldi 2.0 are:
- Absolute speed
Vivaldi 2 is faster than the most popular browsers, with faster rendering of web pages loaded practically instantly.
Comparing Vivaldi 2 with Firefox you will find that while the text of a page like this is loaded at almost identical speed, the images appear considerably faster on Vivaldi.
Anceh if in a single test it is a negligible difference in speed, for those who surf a lot loading pages on pages it could instead be decisive.
- Vivaldi Sync
Synchronization was a missing function in Vivaldi, absolutely necessary for me.
Now with an account on Vivaldi Sync you can keep your favorites and settings in sync so that you can find them on the other computers used.
The function is easy to configure and just press the cloud button on the bottom left or go to the settings using the V button.
- Card groups
With Vivaldi the tabs can be grouped into one, by dragging them with the mouse to create the group.
The tabbed screen display, then, is really superior compared to what can be done with other browsers, because you can resize the tabs to perfectly adapt them to their visual experience.
To use this function, you have to use the view of the tab headings, so you can drag them one on top of the other with the mouse (you have to position them over and then release before they go to the other side).
When you create a group of two cards, a tab appears that serves to resume the card.
By placing the mouse on the group of tabs, the previews appear below to switch to one or the other.
- Panels and sites side by side
If you want to keep a site like Facebook or Twitter always in the foreground, or maybe the chat of Whatsapp or Messenger, you can do it using the function of the panels.
By pressing the + button on the left column, you can add the panels you want and then activate them as needed.
The column of the site open on the panel can be expanded and enlarged, making it very easy to combine two web pages on the screen, which becomes very convenient especially on large screens.
Vivaldi is therefore a highly configurable browser, with a super cool interface that makes it pleasant and fluid to switch from one site to another and to consult multiple pages at the same time, like no other browser can do on a PC.
Then there are delicious and useful tools such as notepad, dynamic zoom, the button to take photos on the page and save it as an image (it is at the bottom right) and then the test button of the page, which shows a whole series of effects special .
This is the button at the bottom right with the icon made of, Actions on the page, good for developers and also fun for the ability to make pages with 3D views.
Vivaldi can be downloaded for free for Windows, Mac and Linux from
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