What is the best web browser?

The Browser War, i.e. the comparison between browser programs to surf the internet in order to know which is the best currently available can be considered substantially closed.
Recent browser usage statistics now see a clear winner, an outsider and a few other alternatives, both on PC and on tablets and smartphones.
Chrome has become the most used browser in the world, behind, but very detached, comes Firefox and then all the others with a variation depending on the platform.
In this article we try to find out which is the best browser in this ranking that goes beyond statistics and that also takes into account the lesser known and used browsers.
In this ranking we do not make distinctions and we talk about browsers in general for PCs and phones of all platforms, namely: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads .
1) Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world, available for PC and Android, iPhone and iPad mobile devices.
Chrome is not the most used browser in the world only for the reference of the Google brand, but above all because it is powerful and extendable like no other, with many features inside, which is updated every month with new improvements, incredibly stable, fast, minimalist in the its interface.
The only flaw may be its heaviness as a program in terms of memory occupied and becomes discouraged on PCs and cell phones that are not very powerful or old.
Even the fact that it is a Google tool, which makes no secret of using browser usage statistics for commercial reasons, can cause some discontent.
Personally I can't really give up on Chrome especially for its ability to synchronize favorites, passwords and stored data, so you can use it on PC and mobile phone without differences.
In this blog we often talk about Chrome in a specific section.
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2) Opera is available for Windows Mac and Linux PCs and also for iPhone (like Opera Mini), iPad (like Opera Coast) and for Android.
Although Opera has lost a lot of appeal because its developers have decided to base the browser on the same rendering engine as Chrome, Opera is still very interesting as a browser for some functions such as Turbo mode and VPN.
Opera Turbo compresses web traffic by passing it through Opera's servers, saving a lot of bandwidth and making it perfect in case of slow connection or on consumption.
Opera VPN, on the other hand, allows you to browse by disguising your IP and geographical origin.
Opera has also integrated the Adblock function which blocks website advertisements (but if you use it, at least put Navigaweb.net among the exceptions).
Opera also claims to be the browser that consumes less energy and less battery on laptops.
3) Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 for PC and smartphone only)
Edge is the Microsoft browser included in Windows 10, heir to Internet Explorer, very fast and modern.
Integration with Windows 10 and the ability to be used verbally through Cortana is Edge's main strength.
With the Windows 10 anniversary update, Microsoft has also added extensions for Edge.
Personally I find it an excellent browser recommended for beginners and those who want simple things.
In another article, Edge compares with Chrome and Internet Explorer.
4) Firefox (available for all computers, Android and iOS)
Firefox is the second most used browser in the world, which after losing a lot of ground compared to Chrome, still remains the most customizable browser, full of extensions and addons to change its interface and its basic functions.
Firefox is also updated every month with the addition of some new functions, even if it almost always seems to be a chase for Chrome, becoming less and less original (and for this reason I put it in fourth place in the ranking even if as an actual value the second place does not take it away from it. nobody).
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5) Safari (only on Mac iPhone and Ipad).
Safari is Apple's browser which always remains the fastest on the iPhone and iPad because it is integrated into the system.
Furthermore, for its synchronization capacity, it is the ideal browser for those who only have Apple products and use both iPhone and iPad and Mac, without having other Android or Windows devices.
6) Vivaldi (Windows Mac and Linux PC only)
This is a slightly different browser, still very little known, but perfect for those who are disappointed by everyone else and want something really new.
Vivaldi was born from the ashes of the old Opera and has many strong points, including the light interface, several integrated and unique functions and support for Chrome extensions.
Everyone who doesn't know it should at least try it.
7) Internet Explorer (Windows, PC and Phones only)
Internet Explorer remains the browser required for those who use applications that require ActiveX controls.
The problems of Internet Explorer are its bad reputation and above all the fact that Microsoft has now abandoned it, focusing everything on Edge.
To date, however, Internet Explorer is a very safe and fast browser like the others.
In addition to these 7, we must also mention, among the best computer browsers, I would add:
- UCBrowser
- Seamonkey
- Avant Browser
- Maxthon
- Lunascape
- KMeleon
In addition, speaking of smartphones and tablets, we also add:
- Best browsers for Android
- Best browsers for iPhone and iPad

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