Reason Core Security to find and clean viruses and malware on your PC

A computer that connects to the Internet without an antivirus is almost certainly infected with a virus, malware or adware within 5-10 minutes of operation
The infections come out of nowhere, even without clicking anything and when they hit the antivirus it also becomes useless and unable to remove it.
For this reason you must always have a second line of defense aside, an antimalware program that scans your computer and cleans up suspicious programs and infected files .
Among the many that are around, we have always spoken well and recommended to use MalwareBytes Antimalware or Superantiwspyware which are always the most popular, the most effective and free.
To these 2 category champions we must now add a new program called Reason Core Security, reliable and safe (developed by GIANT Company Software, a very serious company now owned by Microsoft, author of other useful software such as Should I Remove It, to remove useless programs from the pc).
Reason Core Security is available in two versions: one free and one paid.
After downloading and installing you will be able to enjoy all its features for a month for free.
As always when it comes to this type of program, the free version lacks real time protection and automatic scan, which we don't need if we already have an antivirus installed.
I remember that this type of security program we need to have a life jacket in case of problems, to check that everything is in place and to have a second opinion in addition to that of the antivirus that, however good it can be, always lets something go.
On the first start, Reason Core does a preventive scan and measures the security level of the PC in use based on the installed programs.
If the score is less than 100/100, then there is something to correct and remove.
The software works very well especially in detecting the annoying adware that are automatically removed, if found, after the first scan.
The function of protection from offers, promotions and unwanted programs also remains in the free version.
Among the tools included in the program we have an analyzer of the installed programs with a judgment on the security risk caused by these.
If there are programs with a high degree of risk, you can uninstall them directly from here by pressing the trash can icon next to them.
Another tool is the Startup tool, which identifies everything that starts with Windows automatically.
Not only programs, but also services, drivers, protocols and many other things that usually remain hidden.
Unfortunately, with so much level of detail, it would be better for beginners to ignore this list and use other programs to manage the automatic startup in Windows
In my case, it has detected about 800 entries on the computer and I, who should be a little expert, also prefer to leave everything as it is and not to risk removing something that can cause problems and make the system unstable.
The third tool analyzes the extensions installed on the Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers .
Here too, you can see if there are plugins or extensions at risk that should be removed.
Finally, the fourth tool offers options to restore some configurations that are often altered by viruses to their default values .
They are mostly internet recovery options, to be used if the connection is problematic or slow or if the browser often fails.
The program looks nice to have, as per second opinion anti-malware scanner. You can download it from its home page.
In the program settings ( settings ) you can disable the automatic start of Reason Core Security (unless you use the full paid version, you don't need to run it automatically always).
It is therefore an excellent alternative to MalwareBytes and ADWCleaner, to be put on the list of the best Removal tools to eliminate adware and spyware

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