Reopen closed sites and browse where you left off

There are times when you have many tabs open on the browser that you would like to be open when you reopen the browser.
In practice, now let's see how you can reopen the tabs that were open and resume browsing from where you last stayed with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari .
This is useful not only to start from where you left off, but also to temporarily save interesting sites and news found one day, to reread them the next day or at a later time.
1) Google Chrome
To resume browsing interrupted with Google Chrome, all you need to do is press the options button, then go to settings and where it says "on startup ", select " Continue where I was left ".
Close the browser and reopen it to note that the sites that were open are reloaded.
We also saw that in Chrome you can reopen the recently closed tabs so it becomes very easy to resume the interrupted navigation even if the browser is not closed completely.
2) Firefox
Even in Firefox, to resume browsing from where you left off, just open the settings and then, in the first General tab, select "On startup" that when Firefox starts the windows and tabs of the last session are shown.
Close the window to save your settings and restart firefox.
Firefox works better in managing tabs than in Google Chrome.
When you reopen the Firefox browser, the page is not reloaded until the tab is selected, this makes the browser window quick to open even if there are many sites to reopen.
Google Chrome instead loads all the open pages and can also take a long time if there are many sites to reopen.
3) Internet Explorer
In Internet Explorer you cannot set an option to resume interrupted browsing automatically.
However, you can right-click on a tab to reopen the last browsing session from the Tools menu that appears by pressing the ALT key.
4) Apple Safari
Open preferences from the Safari menu in the upper right corner and, as in Chrome, set the startup by opening the tabs and windows of the last session.
With Chrome and Firefox we have also found extensions that allow you to save the open tabs on Chrome and Firefox to reopen the same pages even from another pc.

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