Reopen the recently closed tabs on Chrome

Google recently launched a new tab in Chrome with the integrated Google search engine which is, in fact, a copy of the main page with, in addition, the thumbnails of the eight most visited sites.
If you compare the old with the new tab you will notice the lack of different features such as the buttons to see the recently closed tabs, the Other devices button, the list of installed applications, the link to the Chrome Web Store and the link to access with the Google Chrome account that was in the upper right corner.
A button has now appeared in Chrome at the top left to open the applications page where there is also the link for the Chrome Web Store.
Even the button of recent tabs has not disappeared, it has only been moved.
The option of Recent Tabs is now found in the main menu, the one with the three lines at the top right.
Pressing on Recent tabs opens a list with the title of the last 8 web pages viewed and closed which can be restored and reopened.
All recently closed websites are displayed here with their icon and title.
In this menu you will also find the list of tabs open from other devices, such as iPhone, tablet or Android smartphone, always using Google Chrome connected to the same account (See how to synchronize Chrome tabs between devices)
Instead of using the menu to restore recent tabs in Google Chrome, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-T which reopens the last closed tab.
If you use this key combination multiple times, you can restore all closed tabs in chronological order.
This can also be done using the mouse by pressing the right button above the header of the tabs, at the top, on Chrome.
To finish, I want to remember the Chrome extensions to save the open tabs and the best extensions to manage the tabs, history and hidden pages in Chrome.

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