Receive and Send SMS from computer (Android and iPhone)

The need that you want to satisfy with the tools described in this article is to write SMS from your computer and send them to cell phone numbers in your address book . It is not a question of sending free sms but of connecting the Android phone or an iPhone to the computer and being able to type SMS from the keyboard, then sending them from the phone, without however touching the latter. The message will cost as normal and will be sent through your telephone operator. Conversely, received messages can also be read from the computer.
1) First of all you can receive and send SMS from Windows 10 PC with the my Microsoft phone app, explained in another article.
2) The best app to send and receive messages from the PC has always been Pushbullet, for Android and iPhone, which has added the function to send SMS from the computer using an extension for the web browser.
I have already talked about Pushbullet in the article on how to see all the Android notifications on the PC in real time .
3) Those who use Google Chrome can certainly install MightyText as an extension for Chrome and as an application for Android . Both on one and the other you need to connect with your Google account. The button that appears on Chrome shows the mailbox of messages received on the mobile phone. Mobile phone and computer remain synchronized through the application (the phone must obviously be connected to the internet) and update in real time. MightyText imports all pre-existing messages and contacts from the phone. Whenever a new SMS arrives on the phone, without any delay, a notification also appears on Chrome.
Even if MightyText is an extension of Chrome, once installed, it is not necessary that Chrome is open and the notification pop-up will appear, the same, in a corner of the screen (if running background applications is enabled from Chrome settings). Each message can be answered directly from the computer and it is certainly possible to write a new SMS to send to a number in the phone's phonebook.
3) You can send SMS via website with Android messages which, as explained in another article, is the simplest and most immediate solution provided by Google.
4) You can read and send SMS from Windows 10 with the Your Phone app, introduced in 2018 by Microsoft, also explained in another guide.
5) MySMS works as an application for Android and for iPhone that can be connected to a Windows computer, a Mac or Google Chrome or Facebook. With MySMS you can send SMS text messages from your computer, receive and read them from your pc screen, in your browser, synchronize all messages between your iPhone or Android phone and your pc or tablet. You can also backup the text messages to save a copy on the PC and you can also send images and files.
A detailed guide has been written about this app where it is explained how to send and receive SMS from tablets and computers .
6) MobiTexter is an online service that works on any browser and allows you to send SMS messages from your computer by connecting it to your Android phone.
This time the messages are written through a web page, without extensions. MobiTexter can create message threads and show all SMS in chronological order. MobiTexter works on any computer or portable device, so you can use a decent keyboard to compose SMS text messages, wherever you are.
I still want to clarify that these applications are free but SMS are sent from the phone and paid for at their normal rate.
Pushbullet is perhaps the fastest and most accurate when you want to send text messages from your browser.
Turn the page and look at another post if what you were looking for were online services to send SMS from the internet for free .

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