Remove Adware like SweetPage, Babylon, Ask and toolbar

By making reviews of free programs and trying out different ones, I realized how many times the installation of the Babylon Toolbar or the Ask or Funmoods bar is required .
Whatever toolbar it is, except perhaps the Google and Bing bars, they are all junk.
Those who have less experience in the use of the computer thus find different toolbars on the browser that occupy visual space and that, at times, constitute a real invasion of privacy, recording every step of browsing the internet and transferring data to external companies .
They are not viruses or trojans but simply advertising software which, in computer jargon, is called adware .
Toolbars like the Babylon Toolbar are optional, but enabled by default if you don't deny consent during program installations that sometimes don't even ask for it.
After installing a program, therefore, if the Babylon, Ask, MyStart Incredibar, SweetPage or other toolbar appears, you must uninstall them, without however touching the newly installed software.
Babylon's toolbar offers a service for translating foreign languages ​​on the internet, which is completely useless and superfluous on modern browsers (see here how to enable a free web translator on your browser).
When installing a program that is accompanied by the Babylon Toolbar, very often, there is no button to cancel and the only way to skip the installation of the bar is to always select the custom installation and uncheck all the checkboxes. control.
When you install Babylon, it appears as an add-on on Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox and also changes the default search engine and the initial homepage.
Remove SweetPage, Babylon or Ask from Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, if it is enabled, you can disable and remove it by going to Control Panel -> Programs and Features (or installation of applications in XP), search for the name and uninstall.
Unfortunately, after uninstalling the Babylon toolbar on IE, the Babylon search page remains the default on the browser.
Also, when performing a search from the address bar, Internet Explorer will search from Babilon Search.
You then have to press the Alt-X key combination in Internet Explorer, select the Internet Options and change the Home page (by clicking on default).
Then enter the Add-ons Manager -> Search Provider and select Bing or Google as default.
Now you can remove the Babylon search from the provider list.
Firefox, from version 10, does not allow add-ons to install automatically without permission.
So if you start Firefox after the installation of Tweetpage, you will be asked to accept or not and just press Cancel to not enable this bad add-on.
If instead it was installed, to remove the Babylon bar or any other, press CTRL + SHIFT + A in Firefox, and, in the list of extensions, uninstall Babylon.
In the Firefox options, in the general tab, you will also need to restore the modified homepage from the bar.
To remove the Babylon search instead, click on the drop-down arrow (in the upper right), click on Manage search engines and remove Babylon.
Google Chrome is a bit safer because the Babylon Toolbar cannot be installed as an extension even if it changes, also here, the default home page and the search engine.
In Chrome, click on the wrench icon at the top right of the window, select Options and, in the general tab, restore the home page and search with the default values ​​or whatever you want.
In the management of search engines, also here, delete Babylon, Ask, SweetPage, Incredibar, MyStart or others.
The above methods should work to manually remove any adware or other toolbars that change browser settings.
To be sure that each Adware is removed you can use the best adware removal program : AdwCleaner, the most powerful in circulation.
With ADwCleaner you can scan your computer for installed adware using the Search button and you can remove and delete it with the Delete button.
ADWCleaner and how to remove all advertisements, adware and viruses from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, is discussed in another article.
In another article the automatic programs to eliminate the toolbars are instead reported.

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