Fixing error "Chrome has stopped working

Chrome is now the most used browser in the world and perhaps also the best, most stable and fastest.
Although Google updates and develops Chrome constantly, it can happen that it closes with error by displaying the message " Google Chrome has stopped working ", with a button to close the program .
As long as it happens once in a while it shouldn't be a problem, but if the error occurs more frequently, Chrome may become unusable.
The only option to resolve seems to be to close the browser and reopen it by restoring the tabs of the sites you were visiting, but this cannot be the definitive solution.
So let's see how to get back to surfing if Chrome stops working .
1) First of all, if you can still use Chrome, it is worth opening the chrome: // crash web page to analyze the recognized reasons for each closure with error.
You can take advantage of this possibility only if the option, in Settings> Privacy, for sending crash reports has been activated.
2) The first way to fix any errors in Chrome is to use Recovery .
The reset settings button in Chrome resets all options by doing a general reset.
3) If the first step did not bear fruit and Chrome continues to stop working, it may be useful to disable all the plugins and extensions installed .
To open the list of plugins, open a new tab and type the address chrome: // plugins while the list of extensions is on the chrome: // extensions page .
Extensions and plugins can be deactivated on each page.
The difference between the two is that the plugins are installed at the system level and can be uninstalled by the Windows program uninstaller while the extensions are managed by Chrome itself and can be removed from there.
With some tools you can manage all browser plugins.
With ADWCleaner you can automatically remove Adware and toolbar.
Once all external components are removed or deactivated, Chrome should go back to work, otherwise it takes something more drastic.
4) Delete the Chrome user profile .
To get Chrome back as if it had just been installed, you can delete the user folder where some corrupt files may have remained.
On Windows, press the Windows-R keys together and paste this path % USERPROFILE% \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ .
Open the User Data folder and delete the Default folder by putting it in the trash.
Reopen Chrome and the browser will be able to create a new user profile that you can use to see if it resolves the problem.
If it does, that user profile may be damaged.
5) If the " Chrome has stopped working " error still occurs, you may need to uninstall Chrome and reinstall it to resolve the issue.
Then uninstall the Google Chrome browser completely without fear of losing data and customizations which, if logged in with a Google account, are synchronized and will be restored.
To do a complete uninstall of Chrome, it may be more effective to use an uninstaller software like Revo Uninstallar that erases all traces of the program.
After uninstalling everything, open Internet Explorer and download Chrome with offline installation thus avoiding installing beta or experimental versions.
6) The error is not in Chrome but in Windows
If it still doesn't work, then the problem is the PC so it's worth doing a system file restore with the sfc / scannow command.
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