Save the images you search for on Google

Maybe not everyone has noticed, but Google now allows you to save the images found by its search engine to be able to review them without repeating the search.
The images are saved not in the PC used, but in your Google account, on the special page
Each image can then be reviewed in its original format with an indication of the site from which they come.
This new feature, previously active only in the USA and now also visible on Italian Google, therefore allows you to save, as you would with your favorite sites, the images that interest us, without having to download them to your computer and without necessarily having to share them in a social networks.
To try this new function just open Google image search, do a search, click on an image and find, on the right side next to the buttons to open the large image and to open the web page that hosts it, the Save button.
To find the saved images, just click the button next to the Save button, which opens the personal and private page of Google Save, a service launched only a few months ago.
If it has never been used before, a Google Online Service presentation screen that I mentioned earlier in the Google extensions "Save Favorites" article for Chrome opens.
The only requirement to use this feature is to use Google while connected to your personal Google / Gmail account.
In the case of searches without accounts or in private mode, the Save button is not visible.

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