Download Opera 12, the old version

UPDATE: starting from the Opera 15 version, the browser has been redesigned from the beginning by adopting the webkit rendering engine which is that of Google Chrome.
Those who want can still download the old Opera 12.16 version with all its functions except Opera Unite which is still usable with Opera 11.
Even if it is not among the most used browsers in Italy, Opera still remains among the most innovative programs for surfing the internet and, just today, the Norwegian company Opera Software has released the new version Opera 12 .
Those who already use Opera should see the update notification or they can install the new version by pressing the Opera button in the upper left, move the mouse on Help and click on Check for updates .
For those who have never used this browser, however, I can only advise you to give it a try and find out how it changes the way you surf the internet with Opera.
The final version of Opera 12 comes with numerous improvements, especially regarding performance, stability and faster browsing.
If the results of the update are positive or negative, regular users will say it, especially considering that Opera 11 was already very fast and very stable.
The main improvements of Opera 12 are, in a nutshell:
- Faster startup with many tabs open.
- Separate processes for each plugin ; this means that if, for example, Flash crashes, Opera will not crash (as is the case in Chrome).
- Improved performance for secure connections.
- Improved support for HTML5 sites.
- Best support for Extensions.
- special versions for Windows and Mac 64-bit (note that Chrome and Firefox do not have 64-bit versions).
- New themes to customize the graphic aspect of the interface.
- Webcam support: Opera 12 now supports capturing photos from webcams, on web applications that use HTML5.
Some other new features need to be activated manually.
Among these, the most important is the " Don't Track " to prevent websites from tracking visits.
By pressing on Opera> Settings> Preferences> Advanced> Security you can put the cross on the option to ask the sites to disable the tracking (some sites however will refuse this request).
In Opera 12 there is also the possibility of activating hardware acceleration on an experimental basis.
It then becomes possible to use the computer's graphics processor to view web pages, animations and even the fastest and most fluid browser interface.
To activate this function, write the command on the browser's address bar: opera: config # UserPrefs | EnableHardwareAcceleration and insert in the highlighted box, 1 instead of 0.
You can also activate the WebGL rendering engine (the one used by Chrome) by writing the opera command : config # UserPrefs | EnableWebGL and give value 1.
After making these changes, verify the use of hardware acceleration by writing the opera: gpu command on the address bar.
What amazes Opera is its wealth of features, all integrated into the web browser, without the need for extensions.
For this reason Opera remains light and is not weighed down by the add-ons that are installed numerous by those who use Firefox and Chrome.
The first reason to use Opera therefore is its real speed, not to be confused with the absolute speed that is calculated with the browser comparison programs and which is in any case not very significant (what does it matter if Chrome is faster than a millisecond?).
Chrome maybe remains the fastest, only as long as it remains without heavy extensions, disabling some functions such as notification.
Opera is the most modern browser if you look at the initial tab, the one that appears when you open a new empty tab.
Opera's quick access has been copied from Chrome where, however, you cannot choose the sites to display while on Firefox it is still absent.
You can add 9 favorite sites to quickly click to open them when you need them and if you want, you can add more, with the thumbnails that get smaller to make room for new entrants.
The site previews set in the quick access tab can also be updated automatically every hour or every day so you can immediately see any changes and news on news sites or blogs from the thumbnail.
Opera was and increasingly becomes a great browser, especially in terms of speed and functions.
Probably better than Firefox, certainly better than Internet Explorer, is, in my opinion on par with Chrome and Maxthon.

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