Download paid antivirus: free trials and updates

Most security software companies, such as Kaspersky, Symantec or Bitdefender, release new products on multiple occasions every year.
Antivirus programs are often updated with additional security modules, an improved and faster threat scanning module, less use of resources during real-time checking, and other features that make them more powerful than the previous year's version.
What many do not know is the possibility of being able to update last year's antivirus for free, replacing it with the newest version at no additional cost (always if the license in our possession has not expired).
In addition, every year, we can download for free and use the latest trial version for a limited period of time, so as to evaluate whether or not it is better to install the new antivirus and whether it is better to buy a new user license.
1) Update procedure
First we download the latest version of the security software in our possession and, at the end of the download, install it immediately and restart the PC.
The newly installed software automatically detects the license and updates the antivirus to be used with the license already present on the PC.
Warning: not all antivirus programs offer such a simple procedure!
For some antiviruses it is better to keep the user license (in code or license file format, usually obtained by email) and it is better to uninstall the old version, restart the computer and install the new one so as not to cause problems or conflicts.
Once the new version is installed, we insert the license key or indicate the license file in our possession and wait for the control via server to be able to continue using the license on the new version of the antivirus or security suite chosen.
Licenses usually last for 365 days, so you can use the new version of the software for the remainder of the period at no additional cost .
2) Where to download commercial antivirus
Below we have collected the links to download the updated trial versions of the most famous commercial antivirus.
Just choose the antivirus you prefer (or already own), download the installation file and start it (or uninstall the old version and install the new one, as described in the previous section).
All commercial antivirus offer a 30-day free trial unless otherwise noted.
- Kaspersky Internet Security : one of the best security suites for use in the home or office, it also protects purchases and offers parental control tools for the PCs used by the little ones.
- Bitdefender Total Security : a complete antivirus with multi-level ransomware protection, speed and performance always at the top and automatic scans with guaranteed removal.
- ESET Internet Security : complete security suite for business and home PCs, with pro-active scan engine and constant and automatic updates.
- Avira Antivirus Pro : if we are looking for a powerful antivirus, light and with support for cloud detection technology without having behind a heavy and expensive security suite, Avira is without a doubt the best choice.
- Avast Internet Security : one of the best security suites to protect your PC from all types of viruses and to protect the local network, connected devices, emails and purchases made online.
- AVG Internet Security : another very complete security suite capable of protecting PCs from hackers, viruses and various threats, with an eye to privacy.
- Norton Security Premium : without a shadow of a doubt one of the most famous companies, which annually releases a very effective antivirus, light and capable of automatically removing all types of threats.
- G DATA Internet Security : an antivirus with multi-engine scanning system to catch every virus, even those not yet recognized by other antivirus, with many useful tools to increase security on the PC.
- PANDA DOME Advanced : a cloud scan protection system capable of stopping ransomware and other advanced threats on your PC, without touching anything (it's all automatic).
- McAfee Total Protection : a good security suite to protect your PC whatever its use (domestic or business).
- F-Secure Internet Security : another security suite with firewall, automatic control of every suspicious file, pro-active protection and other useful security tools.
3) Which commercial antivirus to choose
If we have to choose a new commercial antivirus among those that I proposed above, better rely on the tests carried out by an independent site such as AV Comparatives, reachable here -> AV Comparatives .
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Reading carefully all the reports generated on this site, it emerges that the best antivirus are:
- Kaspersky Internet Security
- Bitdefender Total Security
- Avira Antivirus Pro
If we want to save something on the purchase license of a new antivirus, the one with the lowest price currently is Avira Antivirus Pro, considering that it is only the antivirus and not a complete suite. We can choose Avira Antivirus Pro if we don't have a very powerful PC and we don't want to have all those unnecessary additional programs that can weigh down a security suite.
3) Conclusions
Although we have always sponsored the best free antivirus like Avast, AVG, AviraA and even though the antivirus of Windows 10 has now become an effective and complete protection, commercial antivirus still offer a wider security solution, with suite of tools included which are hardly found in the free versions.
As mentioned on other occasions, paid security suites are programs for the complete protection of the computer and provide greater certainties to less experienced users who do not want worries.
Free antivirus instead always require additions (for example an antimalware and a firewall) and manual maintenance, trannies in rare exceptions that we have seen in the article on the best free and complete protection and security suites .

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