Download the Media Creation Tool to update Windows 10 without errors

Windows 10 is now updated to a new version, 1909, the eighth since Microsoft launched Windows 10 in 2015.
Recall, in fact, that there will be no Windows 11, given that Windows 10 is now the definitive operating system of Microsoft, with regular updates of the functionality twice a year ( always free ).
The November 10 update of Windows 10 does not bring many news like the previous updates, without new relevant features but with numerous hidden changes to improve performance.
The new Windows 10 update, version 1909, can therefore be downloaded automatically for free automatically from Windows Update, or from the Microsoft website. The update will already be present in Windows Update today if no incompatibilities or installation problems have been detected on your computer. In fact, if Microsoft's algorithms had detected potential problems for the PC due to the installation of the new version of Windows 10, then the release of the update is delayed and postponed. This delay is mainly due to the caution that puts Microsoft in the diffusion of new versions that could create problems on particular or old hardware configurations.
First of all, before doing anything, check which version of Windows 10 is installed on your PC .
To do this, go to Settings> System> About .
If it is written version 1803 or 1809, it means that the PC is not yet updated with the latest version, so you can check if this is already available in Windows Update. If you have version 1803 you can update directly to 1909.
To download the latest version of Windows 10, go to Settings> Update and security and press the Check for updates button under the Windows Update section.
If the November update is ready, then Windows 10 will proceed with the download and installation of the "feature update to Windows 10, version 1909 ".
In case of errors, see the guide on how to fix Windows 10 update problems
If this message does not appear in Windows Update, you can still force the installation and resolve any errors by downloading the update to install the new Windows 10 manually and proceed with a complete installation that will still keep all programs and personal files intact. Forcing the installation of an Update in Windows 10, besides being simple, has no particular contraindications.
In fact, as already seen in the past, after each installation of a new Windows 10 it will always be possible, in case of problems or malfunctions, to go back and restore the previous version of Windows 10 .
So if you don't want to wait and immediately want to download and install Windows 10 1909 there is a way to force the system update without danger and without compromising anything. The easiest is to go to the Microsoft website at the Windows 10 download page and press the Update Now button. You can then download a file called Windows10Upgrade9252.exe which opens the automatic installation wizard.
To solve any problems and installation errors or if you want a clean installation, on the same page, you can press the " Download tool " button below the writing Do you want to install Windows 10 on your PC "> install Windows 10
The Media Creation Tool allows you to choose the option to update or download the ISO file that can be used to create the installation DVD or USB stick. With the update option you can guide the program to install the new version of Windows 10 without touching files and programs, otherwise you can proceed with a clean installation.
From the Media Creation Tool it is also possible to create the installation ISO file which can be mounted on the virtual CD player and installed even without burning it. To do this, just press the right mouse button on the ISO file and choose the Mount option. Under Computer you will find the Windows 10 installation disc inside a virtual CD player (which is not real but created by software) that can be opened to start the setup file.
During the installation of a Windows 10 Update the only thing to pay attention to is the message that warns about the presence of any incompatible programs that are required to be removed before proceeding. If it were important programs, it would be better to look for a new version to install or it would be better to delay the update of Windows 10.
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