Download videos from the internet with Chrome extensions

To download videos from the internet from almost every website you visit, you don't need special programs, but simply use some extensions available for free for the Chrome browser, which work well, are easy and immediate to use.
Searching on the Chrome Web Store you can find many of these extensions, even if they are four the most reliable ones, which work and are safe, if only because they have been active for several years and installed by millions of people.
To download videos from the internet, from sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion and also from Italian sites or adult sites that it is better not to name, using Chrome, we can choose from one of these extensions :
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1) Flash Video Downloader for Google Chrome adds an icon with the down arrow on the address bar of Chrome that can be pressed when you open the page of a video to be able to download it to the PC. When you press the arrow, a box appears with all the versions available for download and an indication of the format. Very often the videos are not immediately available and on the box you have to press the Start button to allow the extension to process the page, find the link of the video file. If different versions of the video are available, they are listed with the resolution (height by width) indicated on the left side. At the end of the processing, the size of the file in MB is indicated on the Start button to be pressed to start the download. You can press the blue colored Start button to start the download. By pressing the options button, always on the Flash Video Downloader box, you can activate or deactivate the video file formats that you can download and keep the original name. This is arguably the best of these extensions.
2) VLC Video Downloader is an extension similar to the previous one, always with a button on the toolbar at the top right that changes when videos are detected on the page. This is a much simpler extension, which works on fewer websites, but with a definitely more immediate and clearer interface to use.
3) Video Downloader professional is the oldest and most popular extension on the Chrome web store, which can always be used by pressing the button on the toolbar. The icon turns into an arrow if a video download is available on the open site, otherwise it has the shape of a film. Video Downloader Professional lists the video format, file name and size. A useful option of this extension is to cast the video on Chromecast.
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