Start tab for Chrome with time, weather, search and most visited sites

In addition to being a web browser for surfing the internet, Google Chrome also has the ambition to become the main interface of the computer, used not only to open websites, but also to launch applications.
Currently in Chrome the new tab page shows the 8 most visited sites and installed applications, with the button to reopen the recently opened sites and those synchronized from other devices.
If you want something more you can install an extension that shows not only your favorite and most visited sites, but also the exact time, the outside temperature and even the weather forecast .
The extension for Chrome Fruumo is among the best to change the Chrome homepage and make it a real starting point to use the computer and access the internet.
The home page shows the time at the top, a search box in the center and the thumbnails of the most used websites for quick access.
At the bottom, however, there are some buttons to open the news flow from a website of your choice (the RSS feed which for is // ), to receive notifications from Facebook, to open the installed applications and to enter the settings of the new Chrome Fruumo page.
In the settings, the place can also be changed by authorizing the automatic detection of location to obtain the temperature and the forecasts .
At the top right the weather appears and if you click on it you can see the forecast for tomorrow.
The search box allows you to search for your favorite sites or applications.
In the settings you can also change the background by placing a photo or image taken from the computer.
Fruumo is, at the moment, a fairly innovative extension, which resumes, even if with completely different graphics, Google Now, the search app and the home page on Android Smartphones and Tablets.
If you like Google Now, a developer has created the Chrome homepage based on Google Now .
After installing New Tab Page, you get an initial tab with the most visited sites at the top, the current weather, the forecast of the next few days and the temperature, the box to launch the Chrome applications and a news section taken from Google News.
If this extension improves or if it is possible to have original Google Now, there will really be an added value for the Chrome browser.
Always inspired by Google Now, almost identical, is Personal Dashboard, with a graphic material design style like that of Android.
Another Start tab with weather, clock and lots of customizable information is iChrome, inspired by iGoogle and with the graphics of Google Now in Android.
Another nice initial tab is that of OneFeed which is proposed as a desktop cloud for those who use the computer only to surf the internet and access web applications.
It integrates with Facebok and Twitter to immediately see the latest updates.
Figure It Out instead shows the timetable of different cities in the world, with beautiful colorful graphics.
When iGoogle is no longer available, this type of initial tabs will be absolutely necessary to have a starting point for navigation.
If you are not convinced, I suggest you take a look at 5 other extensions to improve the initial tab, including iStart New Tab Page, the same as the Windows 8 Start menu.
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