Write to the PC dictating verbally in Italian

Speech recognition of a computer is a very old concept that has never found a real solution. The leading program that allows you to write to the PC by speaking verbally is Dragon Naturally Speaking which, however, is not free and requires continuous learning to interpret the words exactly, without making mistakes.
If we want to write to the PC without even using our hands, in this guide we will show you all the programs and websites that we can use to dictate verbally in Italian, so that we can compile documents, treaties or a simple email without even touching the keyboard but chanting well the words in front of the built-in microphone on any laptop or present on webcams (use on desktop PCs).
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Write to the PC dictating verbally in Italian

In the following chapters we will show you the programs and sites that we can use to dictate the text to be displayed on the computer screen; if we use Windows 10 it is not even necessary to add programs, since the voice dictation system is integrated.

Voice dictation in Windows 10

If we use Windows 10 as the operating system we can use the integrated dictation system. Let's connect to the Internet, let's go to the document or the Web page with the text field to fill in, click on the text field to see the writing cursor appear then press WIN + H on our keyboard.

A bar will appear at the top with the words Listening in progress : now you just have to dictate the words near the PC microphone to immediately see the words in Italian appear in the text field. The accuracy of the system is very good, also thanks to the use of the Microsoft cloud to associate and recover the words most consistent with when dictated.
If the service does not work, make sure that the permissions for the microphone are provided and for online access is allowed, checking in the path Settings -> Privacy -> Voice commands and in the path Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone .

Voice dictation in Office 365

If we have a subscription to the Office 365 service, we can benefit from the dictation on Word or other programs of the Office suite simply by going to the Home tab and pressing the Dictation button.

As soon as a red dot appears on the icon and we hear the sound from the speakers we can start dictating our documents on Word, in a very similar way to when seen with the system integrated in Windows (which we can still use on classic Office or others programs without problems).
Also in this case the precision of the system is very good and also allows to recognize punctuation.

Voice dictation in Google Docs

If we use Google Chrome as browser and Google Docs to create new text documents, we can write in the text field by clicking on Empty, pressing at the top on the Tools menu and pressing on the Voice typing item.

Alternatively we can start it by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + S on the keyboard. A small microphone-shaped window will open, on which we will have to click and provide the necessary permits. When the microphone is red we can begin to dictate verbally on our document, seeing the dictated words and phrases appear quickly.

Google Translate (Web)

The first site that we recommend you to use for writing by voice is Google Translate, which we recommend you open on Google Chrome.

Once the page is open, simply press the microphone icon ( Activate voice input ) to start dictating the words within the text field, exactly as seen on Google Docs.
The inserted text can be copied by hand with the right mouse button or translated into another language.

TalkTyper (Web)

TalkTyper is a website that only works on Google Chrome and allows you to dictate verbally within the text field.

The only thing to do is click on the microphone button and speak. From a drop-down menu we can select the language to use (in our case Italian) and you can dictate one sentence at a time, speaking clearly into the microphone and not too fast; TalkTyper will recognize the voice and convert it to written text.
If the words are not recognized correctly, you can click on the alternative search button (the three lines) or accept the text and bring it in the box below.
After you have finished saying each sentence of your dictation, everything that has been written can be printed, copied and pasted into a Word sheet, tweeted or sent via Email.
Punctuation can be added both with the normal keyboard and, for those who cannot use the keyboard, through a dedicated button. By pressing on the settings wheel at the top left, you can change the writing style and enable a grammar check. TalkTyper can be a useful tool for people with hand disabilities and also for those who have to write a lot, and want to rest their fingers, at least for a short time.

Dictation (Web)

Another web app that allows you to write text by speaking out in Italian is Dictation, which works similarly to Talktyper.

To start, simply press the microphone-shaped button and slowly dictate the text to be transcribed. The text can then be exported and downloaded as a document on Dropbox, Google Drive or on your PC.

Speechtexter (Web)

Another very good site to write to the PC dictating verbally in Italian is Speechtexter.

To use this site, simply select the Italian language from the menu at the top right and finally press Start to dictate verbally and write a text as long as you want.


Writing using voice is possible: with Windows 10 everything is already integrated, but we can also use the dictation system included in Office 365 or one of the sites compatible with the voice commands of Google Chrome.
If instead we wanted to use voice commands and smartphone dictation, we recommend you read our article on Android voice commands to make calls, read SMS and voice notifications .
In another article we also showed you the extensions to do the reverse operation, that is, to let Chrome read websites and texts with an Italian voice .

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