If Safari is slow on Mac how to speed up the internet

Apple develops Safari and rightly advertises it as the fastest browser to surf the internet.
This may be true, in fact, on iPhone and iPad where the Safari browser is integrated into the system and forces any other alternative browser to rely on it.
On the Mac, however, Safari is not the fastest browser and there are many users who prefer to surf the internet with Google Chrome instead.
With Safari on Mac it can happen that a web page is loaded slowly or that there are delays in displaying when scrolling up or down and also when you want to navigate back and forth between the pages viewed.
In the case of problems with Slow Safari on Mac, let's see how to fix it and make it come back fast enough, at least as much as Chrome is.
1) Clear cache, history and even extensions
First of all, if Safari is slow, try to empty the browser cache, the history and also to disable all installed extensions in order to lighten the load of the program.
To do this, go to Safari Preferences, then on the Advanced tab, activate the option below to see the development menu.
Exit the preferences, go to the Safari Development menu and click the buttons to empty the cache and disable the extensions.
Finally, from the Safari menu, instead of clicking preferences, click on Clear history, choosing to delete it all.
2) Manually delete cache.db file
The procedure of step one is to clear the Safari cache automatically.
But if it doesn't work, you can act manually and delete the cache file.
Close Safari, open the Finder, press on Go, then on Go to folder, copy and paste the following path in the text box:
~ / Library / Caches / com.apple.Safari / cache.db
Then right click on the cache.db file and delete it in the recycle bin.
3) Disable Dashboard
Only on older Macs (bought in 2010 or before), I found that for many a solution to solve the slowness of Safari and the Mac in general was to disable the Dashboard function in Mission Control.
Open System Preferences, click on Mission Control and disable Dashboard.
4) Change the search settings
Another thing that you can try is to change the search settings in Safari.
Open Safari Preferences, click on the search tab, change the search engine by entering Bing.
Restarting Safari to see if there is any difference in speed and then put Google back.
You can also try to see if the situation improves by unchecking all the suggestions options, the quick search, the preloading and the others.
Sometimes using a very slow internet connection, all these extra features can lead Safari to be even slower.
5) Problem of connected networks
If your Mac is connected to the internet in both Wifi and Ethernet cable, try disconnecting one of the two.
If you want to keep both active, taking into account that the Ethernet connection is more stable than Wifi, go to System Preferences, click on Network to see the order of priority.
This order can be changed, if Wifi is over Ethernet, by clicking on the gear icon below the list of connections.
6) Use different DNS settings
Sometimes Safari may not be the cause of the slow internet problem, but the DNS settings.
To change DNS on Mac, it is better to use Google DNS.
Then open the System Preferences, then click on Network, select the connection, go to Advanced press the small icon + and type in the IP addresses of the new DNS servers.
Using DNS Google can speed up the internet with Safari and also other browsers.
7) Install the latest version of the OS X system
Many people who buy the Mac don't update the operating system to the latest version.
At the time of writing the latest Mac update is OSX El Capitan which must therefore be installed to have the latest version of Safari and take advantage of all the improvements and optimizations.
The easiest way to update OSX is to go to the App Store and click on the link to download the latest version of OS X, on the right side.
8) Reinstall OX
If still not resolved, the best way to solve any problem is to proceed with a clean installation of OSX.
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