Hear music in Chrome, MP3 or streaming

For many people and according to the modern vision of the computer, the web browser is all that is needed to do anything.
Send Email, write on Facebook and then also open and edit Office documents online, open PDFs, watch videos and listen to music.
For music, there are two ways to listen: you can use the various online music streaming sites or you can hear the mp3 tracks saved on your computer . On Google Chrome and Chromebooks, just drag an mp3 track with the mouse on the browser window to start listening to it. Thanks to this functionality, using some extensions, it is possible to use Chrome as an mp3 player program, as if it were the Windows Media Player in which to organize playlists to be listened to in sequence in the desired order. Other applications, then, allow you to listen to streaming music from various online services, directly.
In this way, in theory, no other program would be needed to listen to music from the computer that can be played on Chrome, without abandoning internet browsing.
To use Chrome to listen to music you can use one of these applications / extensions to download from the Chrome Web Store for free :
1) Enjoy Music Player, after installing it you can start from the Chrome home tab as an application.
The music music player allows you to play MP3, WAV (including music CDs ) and OGG files on your computer.
To add music to the player, simply drag the tracks from the computer folder or press the + button next to the " Music Explorer " menu item. You can certainly create a collection of songs and arrange them in a personal listening order. The list of songs can be viewed by title, author or album. The player controls are large at the top and there are also the keys to repeat a playlist, for random playback and to send the title of the song being listened to on Twitter. Enjoy Music Player also shows the number of times a title has been heard. Whenever you switch from one song to another, a notification appears on the desktop in the right corner of the screen, if you have activated the notifications function from the Chrome options. Furthermore, in the options it is possible to change the background color and other customizations. Enjoy Music Player also works in offline mode, without internet connection and the music does not stop if the player card is closed, remaining in the background (this can still be disabled). The only thing missing, in addition to support for other audio file formats, is an equalizer to set different types of sound.
2) Remo Music Player is available both as an HTML5 based web app and as a Chrome App. Not only can you listen to music but it also supports the display of song lyrics and an equalizer. Supports mp3 files and playlists.
3) MP3 Player is another application for Chrome with fewer functions than Remo, but with a more compact and clean design.
4) Music Player is a simple MP3 player that also supports OGG files.
Unfortunately it does not support Wav and therefore does not work if you want to listen to music CDs. To add music you must use the Import key or drag the file from the folder onto the Drop button. Playlists can be created to organize the list of songs. There are no other playback controls; the MP3 Player, however, integrates with the internet connection and allows you to find the lyrics of the songs, read news about the singer and watch the video on Youtube.
5) Google Play Music is the Google music application that works online as a Chrome application.
Google Play Music allows you to listen to music uploaded to the internet.
In this case the music is uploaded online using the Music Manager program so it does not work if the pc is not connected to the internet.
5 BIS) Music Plus for Google Play Music is a useful extension for those who use Google Play Music to listen to music online, to provide information on the song being listened to.
6) TTWR player allows you to hear PC music from Chrome with a minimalist and easy-to-use interface.
7) Last.fm Free Music Player is an extension linked to the Last.fm site. To use it, after installation, you must search for an artist on the Last.fm website so that you can then manage the playback of your songs from the extension box. The extension also supports fast keys and has a Radio function to enable continuous playback of songs similar to the chosen one.
9) Undrtone is one of the most popular and most popular online music extensions for Google Chrome, to hear music by searching for songs and organizing them in a playlist. This app also integrates into the Chrome search bar (the one where internet addresses are written) by presenting the results in a drop-down list so you can hear the chosen songs in an ultra-fast way, taking them from Spotify and other music sites.
10) Seesu Musica is another excellent opportunity to have your favorite music always at hand, to research and know what the latest hits of the moment are for each artist or singer. Searches can be done by artist or even by genre, to save favorite songs in playlists. The graphics are a little confusing and the writings a little small, but they are the best ever for researching and discovering new music.
11) Radioplayer brings over 350 radio stations to Chrome, unfortunately British.
12) StreamKeys is a very useful extension for Chrome that has the buttons to control the playback of music on a website such as Spotify or Youtube or hundreds of others. The site must be kept open in a tab which, however, is not necessary to view to use the various buttons.
13) AudioBox allows you to listen to streaming music from different apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.net, SoundCloud, OneDrive and more.
14) Music Player for Google Drive allows you to hear music saved in Google Drive and supports MP3, MP4, AAC, OGG, WAV, webm files.
15) Enjoy Music Player is similar to the previous one, to listen to music from Google Drive and also the MP3s saved on the PC functioning as a Media Player in Chrome. Interesting features include the equalizer and ChromeCast support.
16) Deezer Control is the extension for those who use Deezer as a premium service, to listen to music from Chrome without opening Deezer.
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