Synchronize and send SMS (Android) from Gmail and Facebook

If you work on your computer keeping your browser open on Gmail or Facebook, it can be convenient to synchronize the SMS so that you can reply to any incoming message on your mobile phone from your PC, as if you were replying to an email or a message on Facebook.
To do this you only need to use Chrome and a special application among the most popular in the store: MightyText, reported in the article on how to receive and send SMS from your computer .
To make Mightytext work with Chrome you can install the main extension MightyText which adds the button on the Chrome extension bar, or the related SMS from Gmail and Facebook, simpler, which adds buttons to read and reply to messages only in these two Web sites.
With this extension for Google Chrome, in combination with the MightyText app for Android, you can send and receive SMS without problems from Gmail and Facebook .
In Gmail the button to write and send them is located on the left, under the Write button while the SMS can be read by clicking on Texts.
In Facebook, the send SMS button is at the top, next to the home link.
The application requires to register the mobile phone number with the permission to interact with the SMS.
The extension instead requires access to the Gmail and / or Facebook account to add a new menu, clearly visible, to reply or write new messages.
All the latest SMS and MMS are also synchronized online in the MightyText cloud system so you can read them from Gmail and Facebook.
It therefore becomes immediate to write messages from the computer, leaving the smartphone in its place.
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