Synchronize Firefox on PC and mobile phone (Android - iPhone)

Mozilla constantly releases updates for its Firefox browser, currently one of the safest to use for the protection of privacy and to obtain maximum security while browsing.
Who uses Firefox on the PC and has an Android smartphone or an iPhone can finally use it as Chrome users do, that is, synchronizing all data, browsing sessions, history and favorites between PC and mobile phone.
In this way, if we use Firefox often, we can take our work and our favorite sites wherever we are, sure to always have everything synchronized wherever there is an Internet connection.
We find out in this guide how to synchronize a Firefox account so as to make all data available, not only between PC but also on Firefox for Android and Firefox for iPhone .
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1) Download the Firefox browser to the devices
Firefox as a web browser is very good and offers truly exceptional compatibility, since we can install it on any PC operating system (including Mac and Linux, on the latter it is often the default browser) and on the most popular operating systems in the mobile field (Android and iOS); all devices can be synchronized without any problem, just follow the steps that we have listed below after downloading Firefox.
If we want to install Firefox on a PC with Windows (any edition), on a PC with GNU / Linux or on a Mac, just click on the link here -> Mozilla Firefox .
The page automatically adapts to the system in use and allows you to quickly download the installer to get Firefox on the system.
After installing the suitable PC version, we will have to download Firefox for mobile devices using one of the links present here -> Firefox Web Browser (Android) and Firefox for iPhone and iPad
Now we are ready to synchronize all our bookmarks (and not only, as we will see later) so as to always have them available wherever we go and on any device in our possession.
2) Firefox account creation
To create a Firefox account, simply use a valid email (choose a frequently used one) and a password, then follow the steps described below to create the synchronized account.
If we use Firefox on PC, just open the application, click on the three horizontal lines at the top right and click on Access Sync .

Alternatively we can configure the Firefox account by clicking on the three horizontal lines at the top right, then on Options and finally going to the Firefox Account menu.

If we don't have an account yet, just click on the item You don't have an account yet ">
A confirmation email will be sent which we must open in order to confirm the creation of the new Firefox account.
If instead we want to create the account using the mobile app, just open the Firefox app on our device, tap on the three dots at the top right, tap on Settings and finally on Login .
A window will appear where you can create a new Firefox account by simply clicking on Create an account .

3) Add a device
Now that the Firefox account is created, let's see how to add a new device and how to choose the items to be synchronized.
If we want to synchronize our elements on another PC with Firefox installed, we open the program and click on the top horizontal lines on the three horizontal lines, then click on Access Sync .
On the new page we will have to click Log in this time and enter the same credentials that we used to create the account, choosing a name for the device (so as to recognize it).
If we want to synchronize the elements on a compatible mobile device (Android or iOS), just open the app, tap on the three dots at the top right, then open Settings -> Login .
A window will open in the browser where you can enter the login credentials of the Firefox account to be synchronized, in addition to a name to quickly recognize the type of device connected to the account.
4) Customize the synchronization and manage the account
If we do not want to synchronize the history or open sessions, we can customize the elements to be synchronized by opening the menu relating to the account, according to the system in use (top menu -> click on the email used for the account).

We will have numerous elements that we can configure, so to choose what to insert in the account and what to ignore instead:
- Bookmarks
- Tabs open
- Accesses
- History
- Additional components
- Options
By removing or inserting the check mark to one of these items, we will be able to adjust the elements to be synchronized, even from mobile (for extensions, only those on the same platforms will be synchronized).
If, on the other hand, we want to remove a device from those already added, insert a second email or set two-factor authentication, we can use the account management page, available after logging in on a device by clicking on the Sync menu and then on the Manage account item.

In addition to the security settings, we can also choose an image to beautify the account and a username displayed, so as not to show the email once the account is synchronized on our authorized devices.
If we are looking for another valid guide for Firefox, we advise you to read the one below to be able to choose the best extensions for this excellent browser.
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