Synchronize files between Cloud Drive services to double them

Being able to synchronize important data and files to keep close at hand, on all our devices and also on the internet in what is called "Cloud", is an impressive advantage for modern computing.
Today you can always keep files, documents, photos, videos, etc. available. which become accessible from any computer connected to the internet or even from smartphones and mobile phones.
Everything works without having anything in hand, without USB sticks, without external or expensive devices.
In addition, the cloud, which is free within certain limits, is an excellent solution for backing up data that can be kept extremely safely by companies such as Google, Microsoft, Dropbox.
Using two or more storage services taking advantage of the free offers allows, on the one hand to increase the capacity of your personal "Cloud" space and on the other to backup the backup or double the power of the cloud and make sure that the chance of losing such data is zero.
In practice this means that you can use two or more cloud storage services to synchronize data with each other as well as between the various computers, without creating duplicate files.
The mechanism is not new, the creation of redundancy between backups is a classic technique in companies that can be carried out simply also in personnel using different techniques.
1) An interesting method is to take advantage of the versatility of the MultCloud web app to transfer files from one cloud drive to another .
The site does not keep synchronized copies, but allows you to easily move files from one archive to another.
2) CloudHQ is a free synchronization service that allows you to synchronize different cloud storage with each other and that can also be used to transfer data from one service to another (synchronization only from one direction).
The free version of CloudHQ allows you to transfer data without limits (maximum file size limited to 150 MB) and supports the cloud services Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Evernote, etc.
2) To synchronize the files of different cloud services whose files are also in the PC, there are programs such as SyncBack or SyncToy which on Windows are programs to synchronize two folders to merge them into one or to replicate them .
SyncBack and SyncToy are similar programs that can be used both to make the synchronized copy of a folder on a different disk and to make it on a cloud space.
In fact, if you choose the folders to be synchronized are those of Google Drive and Skydrive, both services will contain the exact same files.
3) Without using external programs, you can use the great online service of the Wappwolf site (it no longer exists) which I personally recommend to everyone.
This is not the first time Wappwolf has been mentioned on Navigaweb.
In another article I had already written how easy it is to use Wappwolf to transfer photos from Facebook to Dropbox automatically, but it was just an example of what can be done.
Wappwolf not only works with Dropbox, but also connects to Google Drive, Box, SugarSync and Evernote .
In WappWolf just choose the cloud service to start from, the triple of files and the one to go to to create a perfect and automatic synchronization without the use of external software.
4) IFTTT is a similar online service to which I had dedicated an entire article with the guide to connect online accounts with actions and automatic updates.
IFTTT is less powerful than AppWolf but easier to use and with recipes to join Google Drive and Dropbox so that they always contain the same files in a redundant way.
In another article, however, the main programs to manage all the files in the Cloud Drive are listed together with doubling the clouf

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