LEGO sites with guides, games and ways to create with bricks and minifigures

Impossible not to love Legos, today the most popular toy in the world, used by children of all ages and also for adults, the most passionate of constructions who do not give up on creating and building even complex things, with the help of educational sites.
While La Lego expands its popularity with a new film and with the launch of a mini social network for children (Lego Life, still not active in Italy), it is possible for everyone to play, have fun and create with Lego bricks more than can think thanks to some really good sites.
In this article we try to discover some of the best sites to build with Legos, to find the most varied and original guides and assembly instructions, to play, and also to create online on the PC, composing figures "minifigures" (ie the men of the Lego) and brick building virtually,
1) LetsBuilditagain is the best site to find official guides of the old Lego buildings, each of them cataloged with the box number.
The site has collected over 1, 500 historical and classic LEGO sets making available, for each, the official manual that was in the box and that may have been lost over the years.
Even if the site is in English, the numbers of the various sets are still the same and the instructions are all graphic, without words.
2) Rebrickable is another incredible site where you can find instructions for assembling and building with Lego bricks.
In this site you must indicate the numbers of one, two or maximum three sets of pieces that you have to get different creation ideas with all the relative instructions.
In practice it is possible to see and find out what can be done with the pieces available, to assemble them in alternative ways and to do things never seen before.
3) BrickLink is a super catalog of all existing Lego sets, where you can search and also get links to sites where you can buy a particular set with shipping to Italy.
4) Mecabrick is a site different from the previous ones, where it can be built online with Lego bricks.
The application works completely in the browser, does not require the installation of any software or plugins, offers a large variety of bricks and pieces to be assembled in the way you prefer, in a practically infinite platform.
You can change their colors, change their texture, turn and move the pieces and do anything else you want, as you would in a program like Photoshop.
5) Brickstreetview is a curious site where the whole world has been transformed into a Lego brick building.
You can turn in this virtual world (which is that of Google Maps with Streetview view) and also look for your own house transformed into Legoland.
6) Legoizer is a site that transforms images into LEGO buildings.
The creation is not only graphics on the PC, but also really achievable with your own bricks or with the sets that are indicated to buy (on the Bricklink website or on the official Lego website) by following the instructions provided.
7) Sigfried Creator is a section of the official website of The Lego Movie that allows you to create your own Lego Man, choosing the type of head, eyes, mouth, shirt, colors, pants, objects in hand and other details.
At the end it is possible to save the avatar as a Facebook cover image, as a profile image, as a movie poster to be printed or as a postcard to be kept and sent to friends.
8) Minifigure Creator is another fun site to create postcards and settings using Lego men, perfect for recreating yourself and your family, in a personalized scenario.
9) Lego Digital Designer is an official Lego program that allows you to build 3D models of buildings with Lego bricks on your PC, a bit like on the Mecabricks website.
The program is rather simple to use and also quite fun, even if it is no longer possible to order the pieces to make what you draw, as you could have done until some time ago.
10) Lego games : on the official LEGO website you will find many free and funny mini games, to be played immediately on the web browser.
Among these, the main and the best is Lego City, very varied, with fun and never boring races and construction missions, in perfect Lego graphics.
Do not forget, also, that the Lego games for Android smartphones and tablets that are on the Google Play Store page, are among the very few games without in-app payments, which means 100% free, without ever requests to buy content or to see advertising.

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