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To create a PDF, paid solutions are usually used for professional use such as the programs offered by Adobe; these software allow you to create new PDF files from scratch or convert existing documents, but in order to use them you need to pay a very high amount (at least for home budgets).
If we don't have a company but we still want to create PDF files we can focus on one of the many free solutions available on the Internet, which allow you to create PDF files online for free without even downloading programs to your PC (therefore usable even if we have a Mac or if we have a PC with GNU / Linux installed).
In this guide we will show you the best sites to create free online PDF files from already created documents (for example on Office); getting PDFs will be very simple and cheap.
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How to create PDF files online for free
Assuming that the initial document will be created with a suite of office programs such as Microsoft Office or LibreOffice (the latter recommended because it is free) below we will find all the sites that allow you to convert any type of document file to PDF, in a way fast and free.
We will thus be able to download the PDF document either via a web browser (direct download after conversion) or send the file via email to our email address or to any other address.
1) Smallpdf
Among the best sites we can try to create PDF files online for free, Smallpdf certainly stands out, reachable at the link here -> Smallpdf.

Using this site is very simple: click on the word Choose file to open the file manager of your operating system and select the document file to be converted; alternatively we can simply drag the file from its position on the PC into the Drop file here window, so as to automatically upload it, or upload a file present on the Google Drive and Dropbox cloud services by clicking on the respective icons at the bottom right of the red box .
Whichever way you choose, the site will show you the converted file to PDF and offer you the possibility to download it immediately as soon as the conversion is finished.
2) Zamzar
Another site that we can use to convert office documents to PDF directly online is Zamzar, reachable at the link here -> Zamzar .

To use this site, simply click on the Choose File item (the file manager will open with which you can select the document to be converted) or drag the file directly into the Step 1 box, choose the PDF file format in Step 2, enter a valid email address to send the PDF document created in Step 3 and finally click on the Convert button to start the conversion process.
After a few minutes we will have the document converted to PDF directly by email, available in the attachment.
3) ToPDF
If we are looking for a quick and fast website to create PDF files online for free in quantity, we recommend trying ToDPF, reachable from here -> ToPDF .

To convert the documents created with the office suites, all we have to do is click on Load File to open the manager and select one or more files to convert; alternatively, you can always drag the files into the box, so that they can be loaded automatically.
The conversion process will start automatically and, after a few seconds, you can download the converted files to PDF in a simple way by clicking on them individually or by downloading all together (if we have uploaded multiple files) by clicking on the Download all button.
4) PDFOnline
Another site that we can use to create PDF online for free is PDFOnline, available here -> PDFOnline .

We can upload any file created with Office to the site using the Upload a file to Convert button .
Once the file to be converted has been loaded, all that remains is to wait for the conversion process, so that you can download the finished PDF using the browser with which we have uploaded the file.
5) PDF24
Another very effective online converter is available on the PDF24 website, reachable at the link here -> PDF24 .

This site supports many ways to insert the file to be converted: we can upload the file from the PC using the Choose file or Choose File buttons, enter a URL that contains the file to be converted or the Web page to be printed in PDF or directly insert the text with which you want to fill the PDF to be created.
Once you have chosen the method that suits your needs, just click Go to start uploading and converting the file, URL or text provided to a PDF file.
How to create PDF files online via extensions
Another even faster way to create PDF files online for free is to take advantage of the extensions available for browsers, so as to create PDFs of our favorite web pages without having to print or bring them back to your PC first.
The best extension that we can try for Google Chrome is Print Friendly & PDF, downloadable for the browser from here -> Print Friendly & PDF .

Once installed we will have a convenient button at the top right that we can use to create a PDF of our favorite Web pages by customizing the text, choosing whether or not to insert the images, remove the useless graphic components and whether to optimize the creation process by compacting the page in a limited number of sheets.
Once the print page has been personalized, simply click on PDF to download the document in PDF format on the PC disk.
If instead we use Mozilla Firefox we can install the Save To PDF extension, available here -> Page To PDF .

By clicking on the icon at the top right we can save the web page in PDF by choosing which features of the same to save in the document, customizing the text style and the graphic additions to be kept.
To save the web page in PDF, simply click on Save as PDF .
If we want to test other useful extensions for the Google Chrome web browser, we recommend reading the following guide.
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