Websites for Merry Christmas online

To wish all readers a Merry Christmas, a small collection of Christmas resources that can be used to decorate the PC at Christmas, to find games, music, information and fun interactive surprises especially for children.
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1) The countdown
The Christmas Day Countdown application for Chrome, very cheerful and lively, does not show a countdown until Christmas day, but also allows you to listen to Christmas music and play games trying to catch candy canes, socks, and Christmas stars in the sled.
Even without Chrome you can keep the countdown site in your favorites to listen to Christmas themed music.
2) Days Til Christmas is another type of countdown on Google Chrome, more essential and without other things, which show how much time is left until Christmas in days, hours, minutes and seconds.
3) Follow Santa Claus is the Google website to follow Santa's journey ready to offer gifts all over the world and to explore his village.
The "Santa Tracker" is one of the sites to see Santa Claus, play with him and send him the letter .
4) Portable North Pole is a Christmas site that allows you to create a personalized video message from Santa Claus that will name the name of the celebrated boy, who will show a photo of him, who will also say phrases like "Go to school" and other information of your choice.
4) The Christmas countdown for Chrome is different from other similar extensions for Chrome, because it can be called up from a button on the taskbar, showing a nice box with the hours remaining until the holiday.
5) Christmas coloring is a simple and fun Christmas game where you have to color the Christmas tree or other festive designs.
6) The Christmas solitaire is the classic card game designed with many elements that recall the holidays.
7) The Elf dancers with our face is always the most popular Christmas site / app, with the possibility of creating a fun and musical electronic cartoon, where you can mount photos of our selfies on bodies of elves who dance to the rhythm of music.
8) Sites for listening to Christmas songs on the internet are described and listed in another article and should certainly be remembered.
9) Also very nice and funny are the sites to send Christmas greeting cards, free, simple and very nice to remember distant friends and relatives.
10) Still in another article the sites with Christmas images and festive backgrounds for the computer desktop were listed.
Finally, remember that you can install a program like Xmas Tree to have a Christmas tree on the PC background .
And also for this year, Merry Christmas to all from Claudio!

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