Print web pages without figures, images and advertisements

Most often, one of the main causes of premature end of printer cartridges is the printing of web pages full of images or banners. Leaving all the default print settings and printing any website we will get a sheet full of useless photos, banners, headers and footnotes, dramatically increasing the consumption of ink or toner (on laser printers). To save money just start a print that includes the things that interest the web page (the title, the written content, the page number, the date and time) and maybe some other information on the right and on the top (or bottom) that can be personalized, without figures and images .
We see in this guide how to print web pages without images and advertisements on all web browsers, so as to save a lot of ink and get paper sheets with only the part that interests us.

How to print web pages without images and without banners

If following chapters we will show you how to get simplified web pages printed without images and without banners on all the most used web browsers on computers; for the guide we will use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, all browsers that support the functions necessary to lighten the page.

Google Chrome

If we use Google Chrome as a web browser, we can print web pages without figures, images and advertisements using the Print Edit WE extension.

With this extension we will be able to "clean" the Web page from the images and graphic elements of the site, leaving only the central text and the title. With it we can also choose the part of text to be read, so as to isolate it from the useless text. Once the "reading" page is obtained, just press CTRL + P or use the Print button to start printing the pure Web page.

Mozilla Firefox

If we use Mozilla Firefox as a web browser we will not even have to install an extension since Reading Mode is available for the purpose, which we can activate on every Web page we visit.
To activate this mode, type in the address bar about: config, confirm the security warning and search at the top reader.parse-on-load.force-enabled, on which simply double-click to transform it from "false" to "true ". After making this change, a new sheet icon will appear in the address bar (by visiting a page with text, a blog or a newspaper article), on which we can click to activate the Reading Mode .

With the page in this mode, just press CTRL + P or the Print button to start printing the Web page, cleaned of any type of graphic element or superfluous image.
If we are not familiar with the about: config menu, we can enable reading mode on all web pages by adding the Activate Reader View extension.
The reading mode can also be activated on Firefox for smartphones and tablets: all we have to do is download the app for Android and iOS / iPadOS and proceed with the same steps seen above.
Alternatively, we can obtain a simplified web page from the Firefox print preview: once you reach the web page to be simplified, press the ALT key on the keyboard, press up on the File menu and then on Print preview . In the window that will open we put the check mark on the Simplify page item, so as to obtain a clean Web page without any superfluous image.

Once satisfied with the result, press on the top left on Print to start the process of printing the pure Web page.

Microsoft Edge

If we use Microsoft Edge as a browser to browse the Internet, we will be able to take advantage of the integrated Reading Mode to print Web pages without figures, images and advertisements. All we have to do is open the web page of our interest and press the book icon at the top (top right, in the address bar).

We will get a simplified web page with the text and the few images contained in it, without all the graphic trappings present on the normal page. Once the web page is obtained, we can start the printing process by pressing on the top of Print or by pressing CTRL + P on the keyboard; to activate this mode we can also use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + R.

Sites for printing web pages without images

In addition to the methods and extensions seen in the previous chapters, we can print Web pages without images by relying on online services, useful on those PCs that have administrative locks or that cannot install other browsers.
One of the best sites we can use to print web pages without images is Print Friendly.

To use the site, all we have to do is load the URL address of the web page in the text field and press Preview ; once the page is obtained without images and without superfluous graphic elements, we can start the printing process with CTRL + P or with the Print button. The site also offers a valid working extension on Chrome, Firefox and Edge.
Alternatively, we can use the service offered by the Print What You Like web page.

Similarly to the previous site, we will be able to print a simplified web page without images and graphics, by loading the URL address of the site or blog to simplify and pressing the Start button.
At the end a new page will open from which we can read the simplified content and start the printing process by pressing CTRL + P on the keyboard or using the Print key.


Printing pages without images, site structure and banners will allow us to save a lot of ink and to print a greater number of sheets, without sacrificing quality, since the textual part of the page or the images included in it are printed quickly .
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