Task manager in Firefox to see the memory occupied by the open tabs

As seen in another article, the Chrome Task Manager is an added value of the Google browser that allows you to locate and close the tabs that take up more memory on the computer, when there are many open and the PC slows down.
This option is also present in Firefox, which has a task manager similar to that of Chrome to view how much memory and CPU is used by websites and open tabs .
To keep Firefox's memory usage under control and open the Firefox Task Manager, you can go to the main menu from the button with three lines at the top right, press More and then Task Manager .
To do this first, you can open a new tab with the address about: performance (which you can add to your favorites for quick access).
When you click the task manager button, it opens in a new window showing the list of open tabs, the internal processes of Firefox and other installed extensions.
For each of them the name or title and the energy impact are indicated.
You can check all the add-ons to understand which one to uninstall and, if so, which one will be better for looking for an alternative.
Just like the Chrome Task Manager, the Task Manager for Firefox allows you to kill processes by pressing the X on the far right of each row.
The Firefox task manager updates the list in real time
When you end a card, it disappears and does not remain visible as it happens in Chrome (but you can press the CTRL-Shift-T keys together to reopen it) to reopen it.

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