Reset button on Chrome 29 and improved search suggestions

The most used browser in the world Google Chrome has been updated to the new version, to be exact, version 29 which brings two welcome news to the program.
The first is the Reset button which restores the browser to the default settings, very useful whenever Chrome seems not to work well.
The other change is on the omnibox, that is the address bar at the top where searches are made, which becomes more intelligent in suggesting the sites to visit by writing on it.
The improvement of the Omnibox in Google Chrome allows you to receive suggestions based on the history of websites already visited in a much more precise and contextually relevant way.
The suggestions will therefore be a mix between the most common searches on a word and the sites already visited.
In addition to the smarter search suggestions, Google has given Chrome users the ability to restore the default browser settings related to the search engine, Homepage, New Tab page, etc., without worrying about losing bookmarks and stored passwords .
The reset button should be used when Chrome has abnormal behavior or if you notice changes made by external programs, which you do not know how to put back properly.
For example, if the installation of a program changes the home page, the default search engine or other navigation settings, pressing the Reset button can make Chrome return to the original state as when it was first installed.
The option to restore the Chrome browser's original default settings is found in the advanced settings, as the last item in the list.
The same button can be opened on a new tab by typing the address: chrome: // settings / resetProfileSettings
The Chrome settings that are returned to their original values ​​are: default search engine, homepage and blocked tabs.
Extensions and themes will all be disabled at once and can be manually re-enabled.
Cookies and temporary data are deleted while the content settings are restored to the default installation values.
Even for version 29, you can download Google Chrome or update with offline installation
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