Dark theme on all websites with Dark Reader (ideal in the evening)

If in the evening we find ourselves surfing the internet until night, keeping the computer screen on our favorite websites or working or reading and posting comments and posts on Facebook and Twitter, then it may be a good idea to use a dark theme to decrease the annoyance that the brightness of white and light backgrounds can do to the eyes.
The idea is to transform the graphic theme of any website you visit so that it has a dark themed design, to ensure better readability of the text, especially in the evening and at night, when the sites become too bright. difficult to look at.
Dark themes have become widely used in applications for phones and also in some video sites such as Youtube (see how to activate the dark theme on Youtube) and can work on almost any type of website, if properly modified.
It is not enough to invert the colors, but to change the pattern so as not to make the colors seem too strange and not to find oneself with elements that are no longer visible.
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If we use Chrome or Firefox to surf the internet, it is possible to activate a dark theme for all websites using an extension like Dark Reader.
Dark Reader is the best of the extensions of this kind, it can be installed on Chrome and Firefox and is the result of an open source project that has been very successful.
After installation, you can immediately activate dark mode on all the tabs opened by the extension button or by pressing the Alt-Shift-D key combination together.
The sites added to the list of exceptions is in the Whitelist tab.
By default, Dark Reader changes the color scheme of any site that is visited, but you can enter exceptions in the extension options that appear by pressing the icon on the Firefox and Chrome toolbar.
By pressing the Dark Reader button you can then activate or deactivate the dark theme for all websites and then insert the exception for the site you are viewing by pressing the mouse on its address in the Dark Reader configuration box.
In the extension configuration box you can also change the image parameters of the dark theme and change the intensity of the brightness, contrast, gray scale and sepia filter, which makes the colors more yellow and is perfect for not fatiguing eyes at night.
You can also make sure that the font or font of each site has changed by putting the Sagoe or one easier to read and then making the characters thicker.
Dark Reader has the handy shortcut Ctrl-Shift-A to add sites to that list, although in Chrome this shortcut may need to be added manually by going to the chrome: // extensions / configureCommands page .
The dark level that the extension applies to sites works well almost always, even if it doesn't affect images and some variable elements.
If a site looks bad with the Dark Reader dark theme mode, you can put it in the list of exceptions and disable it without difficulty.
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