TOR on Chrome, anonymous and encrypted connection

As I now believe it is well known to all, if you want to surf the internet in a completely nondescript way, you must use the TOR network, which covers the connection between the PC and a website and routes it to intermediate nodes whose communication is encrypted end- to end so that it is impossible to trace the real position and identity of those who open that site, without the possibility of intercepting traffic .
TOR therefore becomes a fundamental connection system in all countries where there is a wide web censorship and it is also the main tool used by those who want to maintain maximum privacy of what they see and do on the internet, including even the most hackers good and cybercriminals.
Furthermore, through the TOR network, you can access the Deep Web sites.
To navigate through the TOR network, the TOR browser would be needed, a modified version of Firefox that already has all the necessary configurations inside.
For those who, however, use Chrome habitually and would like to use TOR quickly only at certain times, without changing browsers can now surf with the anonymous connection encrypted by TOR on Chrome simply by using an extension .
To browse anonymously on Chrome with TOR you need to install the Kronymous extension.
To activate the TOR server, open the list of Chrome applications (by clicking on the Apps button at the top left of the bookmarks bar or by opening a new tab with the address chrome: // apps / ) and click on the Kronymous button.
Without being frightened by the application's hacker graphics, simply press the Start TOR button to start the service that will encrypt and anonymize the internet connection.
To make Kronymous and therefore the TOR network work on Chrome, it is also necessary to install an extension that works as a proxy switcher, that is, that allows you to set a proxy on Chrome.
Then install SwitchyOmega Proxy that appears as a button at the top right of the extension bar.
Right click on the Proxy Switcher button to open the options.
Under Profiles and then Proxy, under Proxy servers write:
Protocol: Socks4
Port: 9999
Once done, click on Apply Changes and close the Options tab.
At this point, when starting TOR through Kronymous, you must also press the left button on the proxy switcher icon and select " proxy ".
Now, open the test page and you should have confirmation that our connection is encrypted, that is, that the browser is configured to use Tor and the IP address, the one generated by TOR, is not traceable .
Each site opened from this point and until Kronymous is closed is opened anonymously by the TOR network.
Once Kronymous is closed, to reestablish the normal connection, press the button of the proxy switcher and reset the " Direct " connection.
Finally, it should be noted that in Kronymous, by pressing the Settings button, it is also possible to activate the automatic start of TOR and, in the advanced options, to request the connection on a specific node (useful, as seen in the TOR guide, to obtain the IP of a specific country).

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