Get back to old-fashioned favorites in Chrome

As can be immediately noticed, the management of favorites has been modified and theoretically improved in Google Chrome.
We talked about the new Chrome bookmark manager, previously optional with an extension, now fully integrated into the browser.
The now default bookmark manager in Chrome has a mobile-friendly web page with large boxes for each site added to the bookmarks.
According to Google, the management of favorites in Chrome is able to automatically catalog the new sites added with a star, making each favorite easier to find in the search bar, with the possibility of sharing entire folders of favorite sites with friends.
It is also possible to choose, in the settings, the list view which is a chronological list of the added favorites.
At the same time, for other reasons, the list of new favorites can be inconvenient .
For example, the page is much slower to load than the old one.
It is not possible to sort sites alphabetically and the bookmark manager works as an extension that occupies memory stably (by pressing the Shift-Esc keys together you can see this in the Chrome task manager).
Furthermore, adding a favorite site and putting it in a particular folder is more difficult than before and requires a little effort.
If you prefer, you can (for now) go back to the old way of managing and adding favorites in Chrome .
  1. Then open a new tab with the address chrome: // flags / # disable-new-bookmark-apps
  2. Then change the first option you see, called " Activate the new system for creating Favorites apps ", from default to disabled.
  3. Finally, press the Restart Chrome button at the bottom of the page.
When you open Chrome again, you can use the old bookmark manager with all its features again.
UPDATE : You can go back to the old favorites menu by uninstalling or deactivating the "Bookmark Manager" extension found by scrolling through the list of installed extensions at chrome: // extensions / .
Favorites with the old classic view can also be sorted alphabetically using the Supersorter extension.
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