Transfer programs from one PC to another with software migration

If we have two or more computers at home, the most tedious work that needs to be done on new PCs is having to reinstall all the programs we use on a daily basis.
Backup is essential for saving the most important data, mainly photos and documents, while creating an operating system image is very useful if you are reinstalling or restoring the same computer that created the backup image .
The goal I want to achieve is to be able to transfer the installed programs from one computer to another, with the same settings and configurations used, including user licenses.
In computer terms what we will show you in this guide is a software migration of the programs installed from one PC to another, using the best free programs designed for the purpose.
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1) EaseUS Todo PCTrans
One of the best programs to move programs between two PCs is EaseUS Todo PCTrans, available for free here -> EaseUS Todo PCTrans .

This valid program allows you to transfer each folder of a program (including hidden ones and changes to the registry) using different methods: transfer via LAN, transfer via image file and transfer via hard disk connected to the same PC.
If we use LAN transfer, just install the same program on the recipient PC and set it as such, so as to immediately receive the programs indicated by the program running from the starting PC; obviously the two PCs must be on the same LAN, and be visible as network resources (they must be able to see each other so that the connection can be correctly established).
Via LAN the transfer performance can be very slow; to speed up the transfer process we can also use the transfer via image file (an image file will be created to bring to the new PC, so that you can restore the programs present in it) or the local transfer, where the programs will be moved between two hard disks different.
These last two methods are extremely faster and allow you to conclude the transfer earlier, also avoiding the occurrence of network errors.
This program is also the best for transferring programs from old versions of Windows to Windows 10, trying to maintain maximum compatibility so that the software starts correctly.
The free version of the program allows you to transfer only two applications at a time, while the paid version removes this limitation and also allows you to transfer entire Windows accounts or users between different PCs, keeping all the original settings and folders. If you intend to transfer apps between new PCs often, better focus on the paid version immediately, leaving the free version only if we want to move essential or vital programs for our PC.
2) Mirinsoft CloneApp
A completely free application that we can use to transfer programs from one PC to another is CloneApp, downloadable from here -> Mirinsoft CloneApp .

This application allows you to select any program on the PC (just put the check mark next to the program we intend to clone) and to save configurations, files and keys possibly created in a single package, which we can then move to the new PC and restore via CloneApp (which will therefore also be installed on the target PC).
If we have many programs to move, just select the ones we want to clone and, once all the necessary packages have been obtained, move everything via USB stick or external hard disk (recommended, since some programs can be very large).
The transfer and cloning of the programs is completely free, we will not have to pay licenses or anything else to carry our favorite software with us. CloneApp currently supports over 250 programs, including all the most famous ones (browsers, photo editing programs, management programs etc.).
3) Application Mover
Another very simple program to use to move a software folder from one location to another is Application Mover, available for free download from here -> Application Mover .

In this simple program we will only have to enter the path of the application to be moved in the Current Path field and enter, in the New Path field, the path where to move it, preferably on a new hard disk (which will be used later on the new PC).
Although apparently very simple, this program remains one of the best to transfer a program from one PC to another completely free of charge, thanks to the possibility of updating the changes to the registry and the paths of the desktop shortcuts, so as to make it work the program very well on the new disc.
4) Other methods for moving programs between PCs
Transferring programs is not like moving files from one location to another and it is not something that can be done manually without using external software; this is because not all the files of a program are always present in a single folder, but often there are also hidden folders and secret registry keys that must be present for the program to work correctly on the new PC.
As seen in another guide, a fairly reliable way to transfer installed programs from one PC to another is by backing up programs with customized settings on Windows.
If instead we use only free programs, it is better to take a look at the portable programs, which can be moved very simply without using any of the reported programs (just take the folder and place it on the new PC).
The best portable programs are available in the following guide.
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