Find malicious software on PC with Chrome

For all cases where, surfing the internet in Chrome, advertisements appear without reason at each click, if the home page refers to an unknown site, if buttons of extensions never installed appear at the top right, if every time you try to open a site, open another unsolicited one and if Chrome often displays warnings about malicious sites or dangerous downloads, then it is practically certain that there is malware in the computer.
To deal with the problem of malicious software infesting the internet, Google has added, within the Chrome browser for Windows, a tool to eliminate malware from the computer, to be used to do a quick scan to check for the possible presence of malicious software. It is one of the most important functions hidden in Chrome, of those that few know, which can be considered superfluous for some, important for others.
The interesting thing about the tool that finds Chrome's malicious software is that it is a full- fledged antimalware scanner, available only in Chrome for Windows, powered by the antivirus engine of ESET, one of the leading companies in the antivirus market.
The security tool that warns Google Chrome users of potential threats on the PC. Find Malicious Software automatically notifies Google Chrome users when it finds malware, and is also able to eliminate viruses found through Chrome.
This is the evolution of Google's Software Cleaner, created to correct problems in Chrome and now become a malware removal tool.
The Chrome Cleanup therefore allows not only to eliminate harmful extensions and Chrome plugins downloaded from the internet, but also checks the installed programs, detecting any interference with internet browsing and potentially harmful anomalous behavior.
To use the Chrome malware cleaning tool (on Windows PC) you just have to press the button with three dots at the top right, open the Settings and then scroll down the options and expand the Advanced .
Scrolling through all the advanced settings, you will eventually find the Clean up computer option, which opens the malicious software removal tool. At this point there are no options and configurations to do, but only a button with the word Find next to the word " Find malicious software ", which when pressed starts the search for malware on the PC.
In case the tool detects malicious software, then it will be possible to check the details of the detected malware and eliminate them by pressing the Remove button. After removing the security problems from Chrome, you can then go back to Settings> Advanced, scroll down again and, this time, press the button that restores Chrome as if it were just installed on the PC.
This Chrome Cleanup is not a program that replaces the antivirus and is not even as effective as MalwareBytes Antimalware or equivalent programs could be, it also does not give any indication of what it controls, leaving the user a bit in the dark. Knowing, however, that Chrome has an integrated malware removal tool can certainly please.
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