Finding movies and TV shows on Netflix (hidden categories)

Netflix has had moderate success in Italy despite the fierce competition from Mediaset and Sky, who have had to adjust their services in order to compete with the American giant of legal streaming.
Now Netflix has a large number of exclusive TV series and a good collection of films and the subscription prices are always among the most convenient (also in relation to the content offered). If we first came across the Netflix homepage and had a hard time finding a particular movie or genre of films, in this guide we will show you how Netflix tags work and how to find all the main genres of movies and TV series. without having to search for them manually, so that you can follow your passion constantly and avoid the films or content that we don't like.
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How to sign up for Netflix

If we are not yet registered on Netflix we can remedy it immediately, considering that the expense can be easily divided between friends or relatives (so as to make the bill to be paid less bitter every month). In addition, the on-demand service offers 30 days of free trial with no commitment, just cancel before the end of the trial period if we are dissatisfied.
You can subscribe to the service by clicking here -> Netflix
To register you must provide the following information: name, surname, a valid email address and an active payment system (Paypal or a credit / debit card, Postepay or Paypal card is also fine). The payment system must be provided, otherwise it will not be possible to use Netflix: this is because at the end of the trial period the subscription will be immediately active and will be charged for the first month on the chosen payment system, it is up to us to cancel before the end of the period trial to avoid receiving your first charge. When signing up for the trial period, you will be asked which rate plan to enable.

Choose the type of subscription to subscribe (Basic, Standard or Premium) also based on the TV in your possession (if you have a 4K TV focus only on Premium) or based on the speed of your line (under 8 Mega choose only the rate Basic, up to 20 Mega choose the Standard rate, over 20 Mega choose Premium). Personally I recommend you always choose Standard or Premium, so as to access high definition or ultra high definition content (if we have a compatible television).
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How to use Netflix

Netflix can be used using one of the following methods:
- PC: via app from the Windows Store (Windows 10 only) or directly into a Web browser (I recommend using Microsoft Edge, the only one compatible with FullHD or 4K).
- Smartphone or tablet : the Netflix app is compatible with both Android and Apple devices and allows you to see any content on the platform.
- Smart TV app: practically all smart TVs have the Netflix app inside the system, just enter the login credentials to watch any series or movie directly on the TV.
- Chromecast: if we don't have a smart TV we can connect a Chromecast to an HDMI port and to the home WiFi network and use the Netflix app from a smartphone to associate the screen and see all the content on the TV.
- Amazon Fire TV Stick: among the apps compatible with the new Amazon stick there is also Netflix, so you can watch movies and TV series using the practical remote control.
These are the main methods to use Netflix in the living room at home, but the service is also available for the main consoles, on Chinese TV Boxes (via Android app), on NVIDIA Shield (HD and 4K certified), on Apple TV (4K certified ), on GNU / Linux and on Mac (via browser).

How tags work on Netflix

Once you subscribe to Netflix, it's time to find out how tags work on this platform. Under the title of each film or TV series there are two or more tags related to the genre or type of content, as shown in the image below.

By clicking on the genres, we will be able to see all the films or TV series that use a similar tag, so that we can always and only see content that we like or are close to our tastes, avoiding having to watch TV series or films in our home that we don't like. We can help Netflix understand our personal tastes by placing a "like" or a "dislike" under each content (or at the end of an episode or season).

Over time Netflix will only show the TV series and movies that match our preferences based on these feedbacks.

List of hidden categories on Netflix

After seeing how to use Netflix tags and keys to find valuable content, here is the list of the main genres for movies and TV series; just click on the genre name to access Netflix indexing about it.
  • TV series
  • TV series Crime
  • Detective triller
  • Action
  • Movies for children and families
  • anime
  • Award-winning films
  • American TV series
  • Horror
  • Science fiction and fantasy
  • Romantic movies
  • Christmas classics
  • Action and TV adventure
  • Criminal comedies
  • Crime movies
  • Italian films
  • Music and musicals
  • documentaries
  • Drama

These are just some of the hidden genres or categories available on Netflix.
We can independently search for new genres and new films by searching in the bar that can be called up by clicking on the magnifying glass button and typing the genre we are interested in (horror for example).

Immediately below the search bar we will see a small list of tags based on the genres present on Netflix, so as to refine the search and find sub-genres in which we are interested. By refining the search we will also find films that do not always appear at home or real cult, so as to fully satisfy the interest of any film buff or any TV series enthusiast.
Finally, it is worth mentioning the precious Netflix Lovers site, where you can find the latest news of the last month, the weekly rankings of the most viewed and then also the next releases to be updated on what to see. In addition, this site contains the entire catalog of Netflix content, which is therefore also available to those who do not have an account.
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