Cheats for Whatsapp Web on PC on Windows site and app

The WhatsApp site is really a great convenience for those who spend a lot of time in front of the PC screen, because it allows you to freely write messages using the keyboard and to read and search for chats without having to pick up the phone.
Even if Whatsapp Web seems like a simplified interface of the app on the smartphone, like every website has special tricks that you can take advantage of for a more comfortable life or to add some otherwise impossible functions.
We have already seen how to open Whatsapp from a website on a PC (which is something that many still ignore despite being active for three years now) and also talked about the possibility of using Whatsapp as an application for PC and Mac (which is almost the same thing) except for some small differences).
In optimizing the website and the PC program of the Whatsapp chat, we are therefore going to find out what it can and what it cannot do and everything you need to know.
Below, we have at least 7 tricks to know on the Whatsapp site / app, both to take advantage of the site more quickly and efficiently, and some extensions for Chrome that can add interesting features for those who want to have more control over conversations and the status of friends.
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1) Keyboard shortcuts on the WhatsApp app for Windows and Mac
To take full advantage of the use of WhatsApp on your computer, there are some key combinations that make managing messages and reading different conversations faster, without using the mouse.
These are keyboard shortcuts work well if you install the WhatsApp program, while on the site they can interfere with the browser key combinations.
Ctrl N : opens a new chat
Ctrl Shift ì : Next chat
Ctrl Shift : Previous chat
Ctrl numbers from 1 to 9 to scroll through the various conversations ordered from above (the 'and' keys are those after 9)
Ctrl E : Archive chat
Ctrl Shift M : Mute the chat
Ctrl Esc : Cancel the chat
Ctrl Shift U : Mark as unread
Ctrl Shift N : Create new group
Ctrl P : Open profile
In addition to these, you can always use classic Windows shortcuts, such as the one for zooming ( CTRL + and CTRL - ) and copying and pasting.
2) Write and search for emojis and smileys with the keyboard (site and program)
Emojis are now part of every conversation and to find the right one it can be inconvenient to search for it using the mouse.
On PC, therefore, you first write i: followed by a word or the initials of the smiley face you would like to type.
For example, to find the happy face immediately, you could write : happy (or just : hap ) to find the laughing face.
Pressing Enter puts the found and selected emoji into writing
3) Automatically transform emoticons into emojis
Emoticons are those that can also be done with the keyboard, like this one ;-).
For some Emojis, therefore, just write the associated emoticon and automatically display the emoji instead of the various semicolons or brackets.
4) Use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same PC
Who has two phones with separate WhatsApp accounts or who uses a dual sim smartphone, can open two Whatsapp accounts on the computer even if it remains a bit complicated.
The best way is to open an incognito window or another browser.
For example, if you use an account registered in Chrome, you can open a new window in incognito mode or use a browser like Firefox or Opera for the other account, by logging in normally.
Another way, without opening incognito tabs or other browsers, is to use the site.
It is a proxy for Whatsapp Web, safe and verified, although not always fully functional.
5) Read messages without sending blue notifications.
If you want to read the messages received from the PC, without giving confirmation of reading and therefore without making the blue tick appear to those who send us the message, you can use a function of the Whatsapp site.
Open the chat in the WhatsApp Web window, then open a Notepad file (or any other window) and change its size so you can see the WhatsApp chat, leaving it in the background.
Click on the Notepad window and put the cursor on it to write.
This is the fundamental step, because from the moment the computer will think that we are working in another window.
The messages will still be received and displayed in the whatsapp chat, but remaining the browser window or the program in the background, it will not give a read notification and not even blue check marks.
The spurs will remain gray for those who sent us the messages.
To mark them as read, just press on the Whatsapp window.
The limitation of this method is that you can only read the contents of one chat at a time.
6) WAToolkit extension for message previews and other tricks for the Whatsapp site
WAToolkit is an extension for Chrome that add extra functionality to the WhatsApp Web site.
In particular it adds two interesting tricks:
One to read WhatsApp web conversations without sending read confirmation.
Another to receive notifications on the PC screen, to read messages without having to open the Whatsapp site.
The badge of the WAToolkit icon shows how many unread messages are present and just hover the mouse over the icon to preview the messages.
Another feature added by the extension on Chrome is that it can extend a person's chat to the full width of the window.
7) Increase the volume or change the audio playback speed
With the Zapp extension for Chrome you can adjust the volume of received voicemails and, if they are too long, also speed up playback, up to 2 times.
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