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The number one browser for surfing the internet has now become Google Chrome, which has become a giant capable, thanks to the integration of websites, of doing almost any type of operation: writing, drawing, playing, sharing data etc. Most of these operations are made possible by extensions, i.e. programs that need to be installed above Chrome itself to add different types of functionality.
In this blog the topic of extensions is one of the most important and over time we have discovered many, among the most useful and indispensable.
Surely you can find extensions of all kinds in the excellent site of the Chrome Web Store, which like every Google site has an effective search function and a convenient division into categories, but which in its immensity makes it difficult to find those really better than the others.
It is therefore worth making a nice summary and making a complete list of all the best Chrome extensions to install, trying to select the ones that really do something good.
1) WOT, HTTPS Everywhere and VirusTotal security extensions, to protect Chrome covered in another article.
2) Gmail Checker, very useful integration to view the number of unread messages in the Gmail email. The number is displayed at the top right and just click on it to open Gmail and read the messages. Useful because it becomes a real-time notification tool for incoming mail on Gmail, as if you always had it in the background.
3) RSS Subscription button to add the orange feed subscription button (for those who still use the feed readers)
4) User Agent Switcher, to open websites in cellular or tablet mode.
5) Translator for Chrome, which is used to translate selected words on web pages (while the translation of a web page is already integrated in Chrome in the menu that appears when you press the right button on a page.
7) Google Bookmarks Manager, if you want a favorite manager other than the standard one, more complete and better organized.
8) Docs PDF / PowerPoint Viewer is really a fundamental plugin because it forces Chrome to open PDF, Word (doc and docx) and Powerpoint (ppt and pptx) documents on the browser, using Google Drive. The advantages of this option are obvious: it is not necessary to have installed a PDF reader like Acrobat, there is no risk of security problems in case the PDF is a virus and the memory consumption of the PC is much smaller therefore the PDF opens much more quickly on the browser.
9) Smooth Scroll allows for smoother vertical scrolling on web pages, even customizable.
10) Session Buddy allows you to manually save the open tabs at a certain time in order to reopen them whenever you want. I remember in this regard that Chrome, if you go wrong and close, allows you to restore the tabs that were open at that time.
11) Mouse Gestures enables mouse gestures to execute normal commands. It therefore means replacing the click on a button, moving the mouse in a certain way.
12) Click and Clean to delete all the history in one click is very useful when you want privacy, to delete cookies, history and browsing data in one go.
13) Save on Facebook, a button to save your favorite news that you read on the internet in your Facebook account.
14) Facebook Notify to receive Facebook notifications directly on Chrome.
15) Better History, to improve the display of Chrome's internal history and view it in a better organized way and with statistics.
16) Extension Manager, to manage extensions, activate and deactivate them quickly.
17) Start Page and extensions to change the home tab of Chrome with a better, more beautiful or richer information.
18) Screen capture, to capture screenshots and save them as images from Chrome.
19) Print Friendly, to print web pages by choosing what to include and what to exclude, also good for saving web pages in PDF.
20) LastPass, for those who want centralized password management.
21) OneTab, to free up the memory occupied by the cards left in the background for a certain period of time in order to save RAM on the PC.
22) IETab in Chrome extension to see a site as if using Internet Explorer
23) Panic Button, to close all the tabs in one click by hiding them, and then reopen them when everything is quiet.
24) AutoPager is used to see Google search results all in one page by scrolling vertically. It works with all sites and blogs whose list of articles or news are listed on different pages.
25) Simple Notepad, to have a notepad on Chrome always available, which opens in a popup and synchronizes online so you never lose the written notes, any PC you use.
26) Pushbullet, to view phone notifications on the PC
27) Google Dictionary, to quickly search for the definition of each word that is encountered on the internet.
28) Keepa for Amazon, to add a graph to each Amazon product page that shows the change in its price over time, very useful for saving money and not buying wrongly.
29) Chrome extensions for Netflix, to organize movies and have more features on the site.
30) Password Alert to know if the password used is compromised or already used
31) Network diagnostics, to check what is wrong with the internet connection
32) Extension to keep under control the results of football on Chrome.
33) HoverZoom to have the automatic preview of images and photos that you see on the internet, for example, on Google image search.
34) Chrome Calculator is the scientific calculator directly from the browser with results based on Google and Wolram Alpha.
35) Toomanytabs, to manage many open tabs in an easier way .
36) Turn Off the Lights darkens the page to improve the experience of watching streaming video on the internet video-watching.
37) The Great Suspender to keep Chrome light even if many sites are open together.
38) Facebook Purity, to change Facebook's graphics, making it become clearer of useless stuff and more beautiful to look at.
39) Project Naptha to copy and paste on the text of the images
40) TinEye : image search utility similar to those visible on a web page.
When you are on a site with photos and images, by clicking on the TinyEye icon you can see in which other websites, the chosen image is present. TinyEye is one of those sites that allows you to search for photos of people.
41) Stylish, to edit websites via script as did the Greasemonkey extension on Firefox.
42) Tampermonkey is the extension to be used to install Greasemonkey scripts on Chrome.
43) Data saving on Chrome, to activate data compression and surf the internet while consuming less traffic, very useful for those who surf with a consumption connection.
44) All in one Messenger allows you to stay connected to your favorite chats like Yahoo Messenger, Skype, AIM and Facebook, all together at the same time.
46) Extensions for Google Drive, to integrate Google Drive into Chrome.
47) VPN extensions, to surf anonymously or by detecting a different origin.
48) Extensions to read the lyrics of the songs on Youtube
49) h264fy to optimize HD videos on Youtube
50) Google Input tools, the virtual on-screen keyboard, excellent for writing passwords without using the keyboard, thus avoiding any keylogger viruses.
BONUS: Navigaweb on Chrome, the extension to see the latest articles released in this blog from a box on the extension bar.
To delete and uninstall the extensions just go to the tools menu (the three lines at the top right) and then to Extensions, then from the list, remove them by pressing the trash can icon.
Another article also explains how to manage Chrome extensions and activate or deactivate them with a click .
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