UC Browser for PC, fast and modern with integrated functions and Chrome extensions

In the vast (but never enough) panorama of web browsers for PC a new competitor enters, UC Browser, recently available for Windows PC .
UCBrowser is the name of a rather popular web browser that can be installed on iPhone, Windows Phone and Android smartphones that has been appreciated for the speed with which it can load web pages .
The PC version follows closely that of smartphones and integrates with it so that users can find the same settings and the same favorites any platform they use.
The end result is really excellent and amazing, a modern, elegant browser, beautiful to use and to see, with all the functions and options of the most popular Chrome and Firefox, including the support of the extensions of the Chrome Web Store .
UCBrowser for PC can be downloaded from the official website by choosing the " general " version and not the Indian version.
Once downloaded, you can start the installation process which brings up the UC logo and two buttons, one to choose some options (where it is better to disable the one to set UCBrowser as the default browser) and the other to start.
At the first start of the browser you can choose the graphic style of the initial tab, with the classic squares of the favorite sites or with the most original moving bubbles.
By trying it you can see the nice color combination of the menus and a certain fluidity and speed in every movement you make, when you load a new site or when you browse the pages of a blog or newspaper.
UC Browser for PC has various integrated functions, including cloud synchronization (similar to that of Maxthon Browser) in order to synchronize both the favorites and the open tabs between the computer and mobile phone.
UCCloud can be accessed from the main menu or from the bottom button next to the zoom button.
There is also a function to speed up internet downloads and to resume interrupted downloads, which can only be done with other browsers by installing a specific extension.
In the bookmarks bar there is a button to import them from another browser, which is important if you want to use UC Browser as your default browser.
By clicking on the large logo button at the top left you can use the quick controls to open an incognito tab, to print, to save a web page, to do a search and to enter the settings.
The settings show us other special features of this well-designed browser: gestures so that you can navigate more easily by making certain movements with your finger or mouse, the quick keys and the speed settings, where the option for pre is already selected -load the "next page" so that you can view them immediately when you click.
There is also the possibility to activate the Adblock function, to block the display of cumbersome and annoying advertisements (in case you always put navigaweb.net among the exceptions).
In conclusion, we are faced with a great browser to surf the internet, fast, with a super modern and elegant, multi-platform graphic interface, which with the support of all Google Chrome extensions (from the chrome web store) becomes a more than an alternative for everyone.
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