See the best Google Earth imagery, online and on Chrome

To find the best and most spectacular images of Google Earth, you can visit the Earth View website. For each image, you can move the mouse up to see where the one you are looking at is on Earth and to make the various controls visible.
Earth View is a collection of thousands of the most suggestive landscapes found in Google Earth, seen from space and are panoramic satellite views that create fantastic wallpapers for the desktop. There is also a mode called "Leanback", Play button in the upper right corner, to see the images scroll as in a presentation.
The Google View Earth View extension for your Chrome browser then allows you to see, every time you open a new tab, a photo taken from Google Earth. The extension replaces the new tab page with a beautiful satellite image of the Earth, taken from Google Earth, extracted from a selection of 500 and more photographs. The images appear full screen and can be downloaded to your computer or even shared on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. Sharing options are at the top right. At the bottom right there is the place of the photo and the world map, which if clicked takes us to see the place from where the displayed photo was taken.
By scrolling the cursor at the top left there are some buttons: to open the list of Chrome apps, to open the normal screen of the new tab, to download the photo, to open the Google Earth image gallery, to open Google Maps. By scrolling the mouse wheel down finally you can review the last 10 images seen when you open a new tab on Chrome.
This is just one of the extensions to improve the Chrome tab, among which we also mentioned the one to see on Chrome the photos of works of art taken by the Google ARt Project.

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