See pending, rejected or canceled Facebook friend requests

One of the favorite hobbies on social media is to go to Facebook and browse the various suggestions on the list of " friends you may know ". The same Facebook site encourages people to add as many friends as possible, so they can make new friends and always show a list of people they might know (because maybe they have friends in common with me).
So it happens that you spend a few minutes of the day making random friend requests, perhaps because they are inspired by the photo of a beautiful girl or a beautiful boy or, simply, because they work in the same company or have attended the same school / university. At some point we will have sent so many friend requests that we don't know which ones are accepted, which ones have been refused (even if Facebook does not say it explicitly, just see if the button to add the friendship has reappeared) and those canceled by ourselves (perhaps because they were added by mistake).
If we don't know how to manage or reject all pending friend requests, in this guide we will show you how to see Facebook friend requests pending confirmation, rejected or canceled both from the website and from the official app available for Android and iPhone.

How to manage friend requests on Facebook

For those who have been using the blue social network for a long time, maybe these steps are so automatic that they do not even require reading the guide, but those who arrive on Facebook for the first time, one of the things they must immediately learn is to correctly manage their friends list, in particular by carefully viewing which requests have been sent, which confirmed and which rejected or canceled.

How to manage requests from PC

If we use a PC with Windows or a Mac to access the Facebook social network, we can quickly check our friend requests and their outcomes directly from the dedicated page available here -> Facebook requests.

On this page we will find all the friend requests already sent, those pending or awaiting confirmation. If we remember perfectly the people we added, the list at the top will be empty, a clear sign that the people contacted for friendship have already reacted: just check the notifications on the top right (man icon) or access the list of friends to see if it presents the people we wanted to know as additions.
In the same window we can also see a list of contacts that we can add to our friends list: most of the contacts will be friends of friends or people who correspond to the personal information we have provided (same school, same workplace, same university or same city).

How to manage requests from smartphones or tablets

If we often use Facebook from a smartphone or tablet, we can check at what point the request is directly from the official Facebook app, available free for Android and iPhone / iPad.
Once downloaded and logged in with our Facebook profile, just press the symbol with the two men at the top to see the list of Facebook friend requests pending confirmation.

In the same screen we can press the Requests button to see the friend requests that we have yet to confirm or press the All friends button to view the list of friends that we have successfully added.

Extension to check friend requests

For more details we can also install the Unfriend Finder extension for the Chrome browser and for the open source Firefox browser.

This extension is mainly used by Facebook users to find out who cancels a friendship, but, thanks to the integration with Facebook, it becomes very convenient to be able to manage all the old friend requests sent, but also the unaccepted friend requests and those that we have He refused. The extension will provide a notification with a message every time someone clearly refuses the contact request and also when that request is canceled without response. Even if both are, in fact, negative responses, canceling the request may depend on the fact that that person had too many notifications and did a complete cleaning by pressing the "remove all" button. In this case, therefore, there is perhaps still hope of obtaining an affirmative answer by submitting a new request. Pending friend requests can be viewed from the Awaiting Requests menu.
On the developer's website you will find detailed instructions for installation on the browser used.
Being a script that works on the computer, the Unfriend menu does not appear if you connect to Facebook from another computer, without the extension being installed. In the options, however, there is a backup function that allows you to import and export the file with the pending requests and the notifications of contacts that have removed the friendship. Also in the options, you can configure which warnings to appear between rejected, canceled and accepted requests. For those who have difficulty understanding the English language, they will enjoy the possibility of setting the Italian language.
After installing this extension, a box for donations and a box to say "Like" to the Unfriend Finder fan page appear on the right side of the Facebook page, which cannot be deleted (they are part of the package and we must keep them) .


By following all the steps and methods described above, we will be able to manage Facebook friend requests like real veterans, helping us with the tools made available by the same social network or using a convenient browser extension. If we are looking for many new friends, be careful not to forward too many friend requests at the same time because it is one of the main causes of Facebook bans .
If instead we wanted to become even better at using the blue social network, we recommend you read our guides to hidden options and rules on friendships in Facebook and how to manage Facebook notifications to not receive the most annoying .

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