Speed ​​up file and torrent downloads with the Citrio browser (Chrome)

As we know, Google Chrome is based on an open source project called Chromium, free and available for any independent developer who wants to customize Chrome with the addition of special features.
We have therefore seen, in another article, the best Chromium-based browsers similar and alternative to Chrome.
Another browser of these is Citrio, a Chrome clone that implements four special functions: enhanced download manager, downloader for torrent files and a proxy manager.
Citrio can be downloaded for free from its website for Windows PC or Mac
The installation is the usual one, but it offers the useless Ask.com bar, to be deselected in the first screen of options.
After installation, open Citrio, click the menu button at the top right, go to Tools -> Extensions and remove Ask toolbar.
Then click on the address bar with the right button and change the search engine by setting Google Italian.
After this little preparation, you are ready to use Citrio to take advantage of its special features which are visible from the buttons on the top right.
When downloading one or more files with Citrio, the downloads icon indicates that the downloads are in progress.
You can click on the icon to see the download speed, to pause the download and resume it later.
On the Citrio website it is written that the browser includes an accelerator to speed up downloads up to 5 times compared to the normal version of Chrome.
The proportion seems rather exaggerated, the impression however is that the downloads are really faster even if more tests should be done.
A great thing is that Citrio includes the Torrent file downloader in the download manager.
When you download a torrent file, a popup appears asking if you want to download the file directly which is a nice convenience and which makes the installation of a separate torrent client unnecessary.
Finally, there is a proxy server manager, very useful when you want to simulate the connection from another country, to overcome the barriers of censorship and the protection of content not available in your country.
This browser, to be tested for its ability to speed up file downloads, is almost identical to the Torch Browser I mentioned some time ago.
Its only flaw is the initial tab with a search box that refers to Ask.com.
Fortunately, however, you can install the extensions of the Chrome web store and, therefore, change the initial tab.
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