Speed ​​up Microsoft Edge with a hidden option

Microsoft Edge, if compared with other PC browsers, is perhaps the fastest one to load web pages in Windows 10, also because it is integrated into the system and without additional tools like Chrome and Firefox can be.
With the anniversary update for Windows 10, not only does Microsoft Edge support extensions, but it has a hidden option that allows you to load websites even faster .
This feature is called TCP Quick Open or, in English, TCP Fast Open .
This feature is an extension of the TCP protocol that allows data exchange during the initial TCP handshake.
The process is very technical, however, when TCP Fast Open is enabled, data can be sent before the connection is complete, so that responses arrive faster.
Quick TCP opening reduces network latency and speeds up data reception from web servers.
This option can currently be activated on Chrome for Android and Linux (as seen in the article on how to bring Chrome to maximum speed) and also on the Edge browser for PC Windows 10 .
By changing this hidden option you can speed up the loading time of web pages by more than 10%, even up to 40% for some sites.
To activate this function in Edge, start it open a new tab (other than the initial one) and in the address bar write: about: flags and press Enter.
Scroll down until you find the Enable TCP Fast Open option and select it.
Close and reopen Edge and try to see if sites and web pages actually load faster.
If, however, errors are found after this modification (which is among the experimental functions), immediately deactivate the option.
NOTE: Starting with the October 10 update of Windows 10, the TCP Fast Open option disappears, because it is enabled by default.
To check that it is active, open the command prompt, then write:
netsh int tcp show global
The result will show that " Quick Open " is enabled .
If it was disabled, use this command to enable it:
netsh int tcp set global fastopen = enabled
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