Video with animated photo enlargement or Face Movie

Creating a video slideshow with photos is one of the operations that people like most, because it allows you to present photos of holidays or a party as they do on television, with transition effects and musical accompaniment.
In a previous article I had marked the best free programs to create photo video slideshows with music.
In this case, let's see how to create one of these digital photo video presentations, using two special transition effects that can give a quality touch to the slideshow.
With the Photofilmstrip program you can give, as a transition effect between the photos, the one called Ken Burns, where the image shrinks on a point of the photo, making almost a zoom .
With Picasa, on the other hand, you can create a Face Movie where, by taking several photos that portray the same person, you can always make this face appear at the center of the scene .
1) To better understand what I'm saying, let's first look at the Ken Burns effect with this video.

It is a technique also used on television for documentaries (this Ken Burns was a documentary maker) that moving the images with a focal zoom, makes a series of photos appear as if they were part of a video shot with the camera
This video was created (not by me) using an open source and free software called PhotoFilmStrip .
PhotoFilmStrip allows you to create video slideshows in a very simple way, using photos and adding this transition effect with magnification .
In addition, PhotofilmStrip also allows you to add subtitles and background music.
So, once the program is open, photos can be added.
The more they have high resolution, the more, then, it will be possible to zoom without grains.
At this point, on each uploaded image, you need to use the crop tool, first on the preview window on the left to set the initial frame which does not necessarily have to be the whole photo and then on the right one by framing the part or l 'object to be zoomed so as to set the final shot.
Then, by pressing play, you should see the image that narrows the field on the selected object until it gets to frame only the part selected from the window on the right.
the zoom movement will be more or less fast according to the set duration.
Another program to create a video with animated magnification and zoom on a single photo is KenSentMe which is used to recreate the true Ken Burns effect automatically and easily.
The same type of effect with zoom and magnification can be obtained, in a much more spectacular way, with free web applications of videos with photos, images and music and special effects such as Animoto.
2) As done for the Zoom effect in photo slideshow presentations, let's see a video to understand what the Face Movie is .

This is a recent addition to Google's popular photo management program, Picasa .
A Face Movie is essentially a slideshow of images focused on a particular face .
You can therefore create a commemorative video or in any case dedicated to a single person, by scrolling through the photos that portray it, always keeping its face in the center .
The images adhere to the face in the photo and the scene shifts so as to keep that person always in the center.
Before you can create a Face Movie, Picasa must identify the person to whom you are going to dedicate the film.
To do this, you must create and open an album or folder with photos in which this person is always present.
Picasa has the function of tag (like Facebook) and, after indicating a person in a group of photos, Picasa identifies it also in the other photos, automatically.
Once the recognition process is complete, this person's photos will appear in the People section on the left side of the Picasa interface.
Now, you can go to the Create menu -> Movie -> From selected faces (or press the Create face movie button) to make the Face Movie video with this person's face always in the center .
You can also choose a different transition effect from the style drop-down menu, you can add a background music track and other things.
The movie can also be uploaded directly to YouTube which, with Picasa, is very easy.

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