Youtube video on the corner on Chrome, as is done on Android

The YouTube app on Android has a really nice and useful function: when you watch a video, you can search for other videos without stopping to see what you were watching, which is reduced in a window at the bottom.
This function is not present on the Youtube site where to do a search you must necessarily stop watching the video.
In practice, to change videos or search channels, you must necessarily stop the playback of what you are watching.
To leave the video playing in a corner as it also happens on the app for Android devices, you need to install a Chrome browser extension on any computer.
The extension is called Seek 'n Play and, after installation, it works automatically.
Then go to YouTube and start a video.
Then go back to search for more videos and notice how what you were watching remains in the lower right corner.
The video will continue to the end, but you can pause or zoom in.
The extension offers only one option that you can manage from the Gogle Chrome extensions page, by pressing the Options button under the name.
You can then choose whether to put the video at the bottom right or top right of the screen.
Two new buttons appear at the bottom of the video window: an "X" to close and an expansion button to return to its page.

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