Windows Defender Antivirus for Chrome as an extension (from Microsoft)

Not only those who surf the internet looking for unknown seas, but also those who almost always use the same sites, should always be careful where they click and try to keep active real-time protection that blocks the loading of malicious websites.
Some paid antiviruses include browser protection, while others, especially free ones, do not, leaving an access window open for viruses that infest the web.
Thanks to the Windows Defender antivirus in Windows 10, Microsoft is able to guarantee the same protection in real time from the viruses that offer the best antivirus, even if as far as surfing the Internet is concerned, protection is guaranteed only by its Microsoft Edge browser.
Google Chrome, for its part, already includes protection from Google's harmful sites, which is activated by default and which you can possibly deactivate as already explained in the guide " Safe Browsing in Chrome blocks dangerous download sites ".
Wanting to improve this protection and be even more relaxed, you can now install the Windows Defender extension for Chrome, which adds Microsoft's Windows Defender antivirus controls to web browsing with the Google browser.
The Windows Defender Browser Protection extension can be installed for free on Chrome .
After adding it, a Windows Defender button is visible on the top bar of extensions with a blue colored shield icon.
By pressing the button of the extension it is possible to deactivate and reactivate the protection from malicious sites and there are no other options.
This protection works by relying on a list of malicious sites constantly updated by Microsoft, which are then immediately blocked.
If you try to visit one of these sites, a red tab will open with the title " This website has been reported as unsafe " and the Windows Defender icon will turn red.
The protection is activated every time an online threat is detected in the form of phishing sites, those that are not what they seem and sites with downloads of malicious software for the computer.
If you then click a link in an email that leads to a phishing site, it will be automatically blocked by Windows Defender on Chrome.
The question now is: is it worth installing this extension in Chrome or just the protection that is already inside the Google browser "> best antivirus extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers, this type of protection can be considered as a double check, so good for those who trust less than themselves and those who care about being safe.
In other ways, it can also be considered an unnecessary caution, given that there is an antivirus and in this case Chrome is also already protected by Google.
Personally I think it's good news the release of this extension, so I'm currently keeping it installed, also because it still remains in the background and occupies only 30 MB of RAM.
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