Automatic zoom ideal for any site with Firefox and Chrome

All browsers have a simple access to the zoom settings to enlarge or decrease the size of the characters or images on the websites.
In general, to change the zoom on any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and others) just hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard and then move the mouse wheel up and down.
Who has no vision problems, almost never needs to use the zoom controls of web browsers.
However, the fact remains that, depending on the monitor used and the site you are going to open, you can find an ideal zoom setting to look at the photos on the screen and to read text on a page .
The problem sometimes occurs on netbooks with HD displays and also other large screens of 22 inches and above, when the resolution of the computer screen magnifies the text too much.
In some cases, it even happens that the images overlap the text.
Then there are those who prefer to use all the screen space to let us enter as many things as possible vertically and those who want to take advantage of the horizontal space.
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Using Chrome and Firefox to surf the internet you can install very comfortable extensions to set automatic zoom levels depending on the monitor used and the site visited .
1) Zoom PAge WE for Zoom PAge WE is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to set the best zoom level for a web page automatically .
Just press the extension button to then have the Auto and Full options.
By pressing on the extension with the right button you can configure many options for zooming sites, images and even just the font.
2) Fixed Zoom is instead the extension for Firefox that allows you to control the zoom level based on the site visited .
NoSquint stores customized settings for individual sites that override global settings valid for all.
The peculiarity is that you can set a different zoom only for the text keeping everything else stationary as it is.
With NoSquint you can also change the background and font colors on each site.
The usual mouse controls and keyboard shortcuts (CTRL + / CTRL -) work on Firefox even with this add-on installed.
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